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Hi Everyone,

I am Mahrs Multiverse (YouTube Artist). I have recently began my YouTube career and am currently focused on sharing my digital paintings, poetries, photography etc.

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  1. Wow, “The Conqueror” is a stunning digital painting! The artist truly showcases their talent in the “Artist” category.

    Now, let’s guide you through your journey on BSMe2e:

    Stage 1: Registration and Profile Setup

    Now that you’ve already been through the stage 1, here are what you can do in the next stages:

    Stage 2: Talent Showcase and Engagement

    Dive into Talentbook to share more of your artworks.
    Engage with the community and build a network.

    Stage 3: Community Building and Networking

    Connect with artists and art lovers.
    Join discussions and share your insights.
    Stage 4: Personal and Professional Growth

    Keep posting your art to grow your following.
    Learn from other artists and resources on BSMe2e.
    Stage 5: Freelancing

    Consider offering commission work as a freelance artist.
    It’s a great way to monetize your talent.
    Stage 6: Advertising

    Use ads to reach a broader audience.
    Promote your art and services effectively.

    Stage 7: Monetization

    Turn your passion into a business.
    Sell your art, prints, or offer art-related services.
    BSMe2e is a canvas for your creativity, and your journey has just begun. Keep sharing your fantastic artwork!

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