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2minutes thick cream mango milk Shake healthy | Food | 12612

Published By: User | Naseema Begum

User Location: Gadwal | Telangana | India

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Mango milkshake is filled with important nutrients such as iron, protein, and beta-carotene. Further, Iron content is beneficial in the reduction of muscle cramps, anxiety, stress, and heart-related problems. Apart from this, mango contains vitamin A. Therefore, benefits eyes and skin too
  • Mango – 1 Cup (peeled & diced)2. Low Fat Milk – 1 Glass 3. Cardamom Powder – 1 Pinch
  • The mango milkshake recipe is an ideal refreshing drink, which helps in lowering the body temperature. A smooth and frothy blend that takes only 5 minutes. Let’s give a try today.Firstly, in a blender, add diced mango, and chilled low-fat milk.
  • Then, add a pinch of cardamom powd
  • Now blend it well and pour it into a 🥂 bol adding chocolate 🍫 syrup
  • After that, add ice cubes.
  • Finally! your delicious mango milkshake is ready. Enjoy.

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