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yummy soji tasty bread🥪😋 | Food | 12780

Published By: User | Naseema Begum

User Location: Gadwal | Telangana | India

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You just need rava (sooji), capsicum, tomato, onion, curd and bread of your choice. Mix all the ingredients except bread to

  • firstly, in a small mixing bowl take ½ cup rava, ¼ cup curd and ¼ cup water.combine all the ingredients well and make a batter.further add 1 green chilli, 2 tbsp onions, 2 tbsp tomato, 3 tbsp capsicum, 2 tbsp carrot and 1 tbsp coriander.lso addand salt to taste.combine all together.further rest for 10-15 minutes or till rava turns soft.now spread green chutney over bread slice.furthermore spread prepared rava batter.toast it over hot tawa.also spread butter on the other side of the bread.once the rava side bread roasts well, turn over.roast the butter side bread till it turns golden and crisp.finally, cut the rava toast and serve for breakfast.


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