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BSMe2e and Its Salient Features

BSMe2e Online Marketplace & Its Features | Guide | 13262

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The newly launched BSMe2e online marketplace is designed to change how commerce operates online. This is a much-awaited integrated platform that combines sellers, users, and customers u... Continue reading
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The newly launched BSMe2e online marketplace is designed to change how commerce operates online. This is a much-awaited integrated platform that combines sellers, users, and customers under a single roof with a unique approach and a new concept of digital spaces. Therefore, this platform aims not only to meet the demand of sellers but also of users and customers. This way, it exemplifies in a true sense the “power of oneness.” With unique features to explore as a business owner, individual, or customer, this is an ideal online marketplace you can look up to for multiple needs. Want to know more about BSMe2e? Then read this blog further.

Let’s study the platform and its salient features. 

What is BSMe2e Online Marketplace?

The BSMe2e online marketplace is a promising new-age e-commerce portal designed for sellers, customers, and users. This “super-platform” introduces “Earth to Eternity” as a key concept, as it strongly believes that e-commerce will have more voices sans any limits in the future. Based on this concept, it aims to help every entity on the platform achieve what they want without limitations. For registered sellers, it offers digital spaces like platforms as a service, while for customers, it allows them to explore various categories of products under one roof. Finally, users can use the platform to showcase their talents through various posts and expand their audience base. 

Features of the BSMe2e Online Marketplace

Whether you are a seller, customer, or member of the user community, you will be able to explore different types of features offered by the platform. The salient features offered for each entity are described below: 

For Sellers: One-Stop Online Marketplace

You can use this platform as a seller to advertise and sell your products and services. To receive orders from customers, BSMe2e understands it is not enough to just focus on product attributes. In fact, it needs to take care of other aspects as well. So, besides selling, sellers can promote their products and advertise to increase visibility and stand out in the market. To achieve what it promises, the BSMe2e digital marketplace offers many features to its sellers. Let’s check them out. 

1. Digital stores

Whether you are a small, medium, or big business owner, the BSMe2e platform can be an ideal e-commerce store as it allows you to open different digital stores.

Standard store:

The standard store is of standard size, as the name suggests. It makes your products visible across a range of mobile, desktop, or tablet devices. The images of the products can be seen from a distance and help to attract customers.

Large stores:

This store is ideal for displaying products, services, and advertising. They allow you to attract a large audience and are big enough to fit all types of products and services.

Mega store:

Megastores can be chosen by sellers who want to sell a wide range of products. They are humongous in size and capable of grabbing customers’ attention instantly.

They are the appropriate store type for all kinds of services, products, and advertisements. Mega stores are large enough to target a large audience and serve sellers by resembling a supermarket.

Market store:

A market store resembles a typical bazaar, kiosk, or street shop. In this store, you can display the image of products/services that buyers can view on the home page and search results. It is a budget store, which otherwise is similar to other stores.

Booth stores:

Booth stores are also like typical kiosks. However, the images of the services and products are not visible in the search results. Customers can only see the titles and descriptions.

Advertising box and advertising rectangle:

With the help of an advertisement box and rectangle, sellers can easily reach out to people.

These are for people who want their services and products to reach more people but don’t have sufficient budget to afford a bigger store. Through these ad slots, sellers can run classified advertisements. 



2. Add different types of products

A seller can add various types of products to his/her store on the BSMe2e digital marketplace.

Simple product: These products are usually physical but can also be downloadable and virtual. Downloadable products, such as eBooks, music, software applications, and videos, are sold as files. Virtual products, on the other hand, require no shipping. They are intangible products that customers can buy via a link or as downloads.

Grouped product: A seller can sell related products by grouping them. However, the products available in the group can also be purchased as individual items. Take for example, a phone and a charger.

External/Affiliate products: These products can be listed in your store but not sold directly. They are sold elsewhere.

Bookable products: Bookable products are those that customers can book or hire. For example, hotel rooms, movie tickets, flight seats, etc.

Product bundle: Known as packaged or combo products, these are a group of products that sellers can create on their own by adding different types of services and goods in one bundle. You can sell them as a combined service or product on the e-commerce store.

3. Single dashboard

BSMe2e offers every seller a personalized dashboard to get a holistic view of his/her business.

4. Options to choose different plans

While registering on the BSMe2e online marketplace, sellers can choose from four different plans. According to the nature and needs of the business, sellers can select a suitable plan. 

Basic: Sellers do not have to pay any subscription fees for this plan. Subscribing to a basic plan will allow sellers to add up to 50 products and 100 articles and get a 100 MB space limit.

Silver: To subscribe to the silver plan, a seller must pay $100. Silver plan subscribers can add a maximum of 500 products to the store and manage coupons. Also, get a space limit of 512 MB.

Gold: The gold plan subscription costs $2000. Gold plan members can buy digital spaces and add a maximum of 500 articles and 10,000 products. Plus, the subscribers of this plan get a space of 1 GB. Plus, under this plan, subscribers can manage their coupons and staff.

Premium: For a premium plan, one must pay $7000 as a subscription charge. Subscribers can add unlimited articles and products. With this plan, get a space of 1TB, and manage deliveries, staff, and coupons independently. Further, sellers can choose from flexible low-cost daily, monthly or yearly rental models or opt for paying later on a commission-based model.

4. Choose from 110+ categories

Sellers on this online marketplace can choose to sell products across 110+ categories. The platform offers flexible facilities and caters to businesses from every category equally.

5. In-built SEO tool

Sellers have access to an in-built SEO tool on the BSMe2e platform. This feature helps their products and services reach more audiences and generate more revenue.

6. Payment security

Payment and merchant services on the BSMe2e platform are facilitated by a highly secured and internationally recognized Bank of America-authorize.net payment gateway.

7. Proper scope for promotion

On BSMe2e, sellers can not only sell their products but also use the platform to promote their products and services. They can do so with the help of advertisement slots. 


BSMe2e is a one-of-a-kind e-commerce store where one can not only sell his or her product(s) but also join the community as a user. The platform can empower individuals who join as a user by showcasing their talent. 

Under the TalentBook feature available on this online marketplace, users can establish their social presence and reach out to more audiences. Under this section, you can create catchy posts such as images, newspapers, publicity, vlogs, and blog posts.

  • Engage with other users

Users can engage with other users’ posts by commenting, liking, and following them on the platform. Thus, BSMe2e can also be used as a social media platform.


BSMe2e offers lucrative features for the customers such as:

  • Wide range of products and services

Customers can explore and purchase different types of products and services under one roof. Moreover, they can buy products and services from sellers located across the globe.

  • Doorstep delivery

On the BSMe2e e-commerce store, customers will receive on-time doorstep delivery of the products they have placed orders for.

  • Buy after reviewing the products

Customers can decide whether to purchase a product or book/hire service after reviewing other customers’ reviews.

  • Share feedback

After purchasing the products or availing of certain services, customers can share their reviews and feedback.

  • Secured payment facility

BSMe2e offers a reliable payment gateway – Stripe, to facilitate safe and secure transactions on this platform.

Register Now on this Online Marketplace

This is all about the BSMe2e platform and the salient features that you need to know. Whether you are a customer looking for an online marketplace where you can get everything that is in existence, a seller who wants to grow his/her business, or a user who wants to showcase his/her talent can use the BSMe2e online marketplace. This platform will help you achieve the goal that you have set for yourself. So, to avail of the above-mentioned features, join the community of BSMe2e as a seller, user, or customer and enjoy your journey. To join the platform, visit https://www.bsme2e.com/.


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