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7 Reasons to Fall in Love with BSMe2e Shopping Mall | Guide | 15582

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Have you ever heard of a shopping mall that lets you show talent and advertise and sell under a single platform? Probably not! ... Continue reading
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Have you ever heard of a shopping mall that lets you show talent and advertise and sell under a single platform?

Probably not!

BSMe2e, a new-age online marketplace, brings you the innovative concept of skills sharing, web advertising, and online selling under an integrated platform for the first time. With BSMe2e digital shops/malls in the metaverse, you get the convenience, value, and selection needed to boost your business growth. Today, in the era of web 3.0, brands are establishing their presence in the metaverse, and our model is very similar to that.

Want to know what makes us unique? Learn the top seven reasons in this blog.

Reasons to Love BSMe2e Shopping Mall

When you create a digital store in this metaverse shopping mall, you instantly become a mall owner without making hefty expenditures. This is just one aspect of this mall. Let’s dive into the seven reasons to help you understand why you must choose this platform.

1. A Global Mall Experience

BSMe2e is a global space where people from all corners of the world can connect and grow with each other.

As a global mall, you can purchase different kinds of shops in the virtual world, such as mega stores, market stores, booth stores, large stores, standard stores, and advertisement slots.

2. Skills Sharing Platform

We have created a unique space dedicated to talented individuals within this mall. This space is known as the “TalentBook” where you can create your skills profile. When you register as a user, you’re instantly connected with thousands of talented people who share similar interests.

Since the world is becoming highly reliant on technology, this space can be a great choice for creating a strong network in the virtual space. The best part? You can turn your talent into profits by becoming a seller.

3. Sell Products and Services

This innovative platform lets you sell physical products, service and appointment bookings, digital products, and grouped and bundled products. So, if you have retail stores, supplement them with a digital shop so that customers can explore. You can sell all these types of products and services in this metaverse, which can potentially act as a replica of your own world. By creating this space, it’s easy to remove all geographic boundaries and make sales happen easily across all corners of the world.

4. Modern Classified Ads in the Metaverse

For the first time in the market, you’ll be experiencing advertising and selling from a centralized platform. You can create classified ads in your stores to promote your brand, products, and services.

Our advertisement is unique because we let you run ads in the metaverse through multiple formats. This includes image ads, embedded video ads, and infographic ads (a combination of images, texts, and embedded videos). We have store spaces, particularly for advertisement purposes.

5. Explore 110+ Categories on this Shopping Mall

Whether it’s talent showcase, advertising, or selling products, we provide 110+ categories to navigate across various niches. This will help you build a strong presence in your forte.

 So, it’s one platform but endless opportunities. You can find categories like art, food, travel, fitness, pet, beauty and personal care, hotels, exhibitions, and more.

6. Secured Payment Gateway

BSMe2e shopping center is hosted on Google Cloud and offers a Stripe payment gateway. This provides an extra layer of protection to your data while making transactions.

Stripe is compliant with PCI Server Provider Level 1, the most stringent form of certification in the payment industry.

7. Exclusive Benefits of BSMe2e Online Shopping Mall

Along with the above benefits, you can leverage our SEO features such as tags, meta descriptions, hashtags, etc. Get a personalized dashboard to get a 360-degree view of your business.

View your sales reports every month, week, or day and get a holistic understanding of your performance in the metaverse. Also, we are providing a $150 free coupon for sellers and advertisers to explore this global shopping mall.

Hopefully, now you’ve understood the top seven reasons that make BSMe2e a unique shopping center. To become a part of this shopping mall, sign up today and unlock all the benefits.

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