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Are New Age Online Classified Ads Worth the Hype? | Guide | 15864

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In today’s world, the concept of advertisement has changed. This marketing era is trying to cater to the needs of customers and the new trends with more information, better brands and... Continue reading
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In today’s world, the concept of advertisement has changed. This marketing era is trying to cater to the needs of customers and the new trends with more information, better brands and connections, and an enhanced experience.  At BSMe2e, we have embraced modern online classified ads techniques to help businesses and new entrepreneurs take advantage of this shift in the industry.

This radical shift has been due to advanced technology in the global market. It is identified that social media has played a key role in increased consumerism and its capability to generate revenue. The new age advertising has made people connect with brands, their products, and services on smartphones and other portable devices. Online classified ads provide a data-driven approach where marketers and advertisers can manage their advertisements down to the micro-level and adjust accordingly.

So, yes! This kind of marketing is definitely worth the hype because it has opened new prospects to gain brand awareness and increase traffic generation.

BSMe2e Web Advertising: Things to Know

Keeping this new trend and paradigm shift in mind, BSMe2e introduces a new concept of advertising where marketers/sellers/advertisers can purchase their digital store / ecommerce shop space to run their ads. Simply put, we let you advertise in the metaverse, which is our future.

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Metaverse is the new way in which brands are trying to engage with new and old customers. For instance, if a seller runs an ad on food delivery, users can engage with the content virtually, but in real life, they can get the food delivered to their doorstep. Therefore, virtual reality is becoming a new trend.

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Now, let’s take a look at the features of the new concept of web advertising.

  • Huge scopes – Our digital /ad spaces work perfectly for both beginners, small, medium, and large scale industries in the advertising and selling industry. Moreover, you can connect with your audience in a better way, not just by promoting your company logo but also by your products and services. You can choose from our advertising box and advertising rectangle slots based on your advertisement requirements.
  • High engaging and interactive – The new concept of web advertising is highly interactive in that customers and brands can connect in real time.
  • Advertising format – Our modern concept of online classified ads supports different kinds of ad formats such as photo ads, infographics (combination of images, embedded videos, and texts), video ads, blog ads, and text ads.
  • Community engagement – You can use the right keywords and hashtags that foster engagement with your customers and create a strong brand presence.

Ready to Experience the New Age Online Classified Ads? Sign Up Now!

That’s all about the benefits of modern web advertisement. It has new scopes that add wings to your business, supports multiple ad formats for higher engagement, and you can leverage SEO options like hashtags and keywords for more lead generation. You only need to register as a seller and pay for the ad slots. We have different subscription plans, i.e., basic, silver, gold, and premium, each having its own features. So, you can choose the one that suits your business and budget. Hurry up and register now to run your online classified ads.

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