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Top Benefits of BSMe2e Standard E-Store | Guide | 17690

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BSMe2e’s standard E-store is the new business ecommerce store model where retailers and aspiring entrepreneurs get the chance to build a digital presence. The concept is – “mall i... Continue reading
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BSMe2e’s standard E-store is the new business ecommerce store model where retailers and aspiring entrepreneurs get the chance to build a digital presence. The concept is – “mall in the digital world.” We have different types of digital stores available with us, but in this post, we will discuss the “standard store” and its benefits for your business.

Standard e-store

As you can see in the image above, our standard stores will look like this in our shopping mall. Let’s explore the features of our standard stores in detail.

Features of Standard E-Store for Your Business

Standard stores bring an inclusive experience for you and your customers. In this context, we will discuss the major benefits of this store.

  • Compact sizes – Standard stores have a compact size where you can embed images as well as texts to make your shop look engaging. It offers many opportunities to fetch impressions because they are easy to use and intuitive. This is a standard but spacious shop that lets you display multiple products and services at a time.
  • Good visibility – Unlike booth and market stores, this shop comes with an affordable price tag but with greater benefits. Whether you wish to advertise your products/services or gain new customers with good visuals, our standard store will be the best pick. It provides a good display across devices from a distance.
  • Drive traffic – With our standard e-store, you can drive a good amount of traffic. However, make sure you add engaging elements in your store, such as your company logo, high-quality product images, professional content, etc., to keep the attention long after glancing at your shop for a few seconds.
  • Increase brand awareness – Having a shop in the digital world strengthens brand awareness. Using BSMe2e as an additional platform to build your business can make your brand familiar to a large audience.  
  • Unique product ID – With every digital store, you get a unique product ID (fancy numbers) that’ll increase your listing visibility, and this number will speak for your branding initiatives. Customers are likely to remember your fancy number, and just by typing this number on our search bar, your shop becomes visible to your buyers and brings more recalls.

Ready to Buy Your First Standard Store?

We recommend buying a standard store if you have high-end products in your store. The standard store is a good choice if you want to showcase your products and services in your retail stores. This will fetch you more customers and lead to high revenue generation. Or, you may solely use it as an ecommerce store to promote and sell your products online. Apart from the benefits above, you also get features like built-in SEO, 110+ store categories, GPS-based location settings, a dashboard, customization options, and more.

Wait, there’s more. We are providing a limited-time discount for 30 days for our standard stores across 110+ categories. Grab this 30 days free trial and enjoy this one-time experience. As you can see in the image below, you can use our coupon code to avail of this discount.

Register now to hire your standard store with us!

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