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BSMe2e gives a holistic view of your store analytics. You can filter the analytics based on the product type, category type, and store type. You can also analyze the statistics of the daily visitors of your store. You can filter different date ranges. We’ll show each one of them with screenshots.

To check your analytics, go to seller dashboard and choose analytics from the dropdown menu. Your store analytics page will look like this –

Most Viewed Products – (Last Month)

Product Stats – (Last Month)

If you want to check product statistics, search for the product in the search box. In this example, we have searched for ‘art exhibition tickets’.

Category Stats – (Last Month)

Just like you have checked the product stats, you need to check the category stats. Choose the relevant category and click on go to view the statistics.

Types Stats – (Last Month)

The above date range selected was of ‘Last Month’. You can view the statistics by filtering different date ranges.