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Bookable Product (Hourly Basis)

In this manual, we’ll show how to add a bookable product. The process is easy if you follow the steps. This example will talk about how you can create a cab booking on BSMe2e.

To create a bookable product, go to stores/products on your dashboard, click on add new and you’ll be redirected to a new page where you can setup your product.  Select Bookable product from the dropdown, add a product title, choose the relevant category, and begin with setting up the calendar. Refer to the sample image below.

To set up the calendar, you need to fill up the booking options. We’ll explain each of the setting in detail.

Booking duration –

Under this option, you have two settings: Fixed blocks and customer defined blocks.


A fixed block is to measure the length of the booking.
For example, the fixed block can be days, months, hours, or minutes. In this example, we have a fixed block of 1 hour, which means 1 block = 1 hour. We’ll first show you the fixed block and then explain the customer block.

Make sure you fix the other settings. Under the calendar display mode, there are two options – Calendar always visible and Display calendar on click. By default, the setting is Calendar Always Visible.

If you allow the customers to cancel their booking, you need to tick the ‘booking can be cancelled until’ option. Once you select this option, you’ll see a field that allows you to choose how many minutes/hours/days/months prior to the start date the customer can cancel the booking.

Now it’s time to fix booking cost. To do this, go to the cost option.

  • Base cost– It is a one-time cost which will be applied only once per booking.
  • Block cost– It is the cost for each block. In this example, we will set up cost for 1 hour because 1 block = 1 hour.
  • Display cost– It is the summation of base cost and block cost.
  • Rules– You can set up pricing rules manually for your product. This flexibility is given based on time slots and custom duration.

In this example, we have set both the base cost and block cost as 10. Display cost is left blank as we didn’t add any pricing rule as of now.

Let’s see the frontend now. Submit your settings and then click on the view option.

Now, we will see how the booking works. Since the fixed block is in hours, you will see the calendar as well as the timings.

Now, let’s see what happens if we add pricing rules.  Go to the cost option, and select the type of rule that you wish to set. We have selected the type as ‘range of days’. From Saturday to Sunday, the base cost and the block cost will be $5 since we are running a promotion for our bookable product. Within this date range, we will be giving 50% off on the product. Therefore, we can make the settings accordingly. Since it’s a discount, we have selected the – option. Check the options available.

Submit the settings and check the view mode. Now, let’s check how this setting will work. We have selected 5th march as the booking date which is a Saturday. So, your price will be ($5 + $5 = $10). See the sample image below.

In the next example, we have selected the type as ‘date range’. From 1st march to 1st April, the base and block cost would be $5 (Again we are providing discount on Saturdays and Sundays). Check the sample image below.

Now, let’s check the view mode.

Customer Defined Blocks

This option allows the users to choose the start and end dates by themselves. The minimum and the maximum number of blocks can be defined as well. In this example, we have selected customer defined block of 1 hour. The minimum duration is 1 and the maximum duration is 8. The block cost and the base cost remains the same i.e. $10. But we have set the price rules from 1st March to 1st April. It means if the booking is between this date range, the base price will be $5 and block cost will be $5. Both the sample images have been shown below.

Now let’s check the view mode to see how it works.

We will show you another example on price rules. For instance, if we want to increase the base cost and block cost after a certain hour, say overnight, then we can make the settings in the following way.

Select ‘time range’.

Select the timings. Choose + from the dropdown and set your base cost and block cost. In this example, we have increased both the base and block cost.

Let’s see how it works. Submit the settings and click on the view mode. Let’s create a booking at 12.30 am. This will help you know how the price is calculated. We have chosen the cab type as Hatchback. So the calculation would be:

Hatchback: $30 + $10 = $40

Since the booking is made at 1.30am, the base and block cost will increase by +5

Therefore, $40 + $5 + $5 = $50

Booking Ad On: (Has Resources)

Now we’ll show you how you can add more features for your bookable product. If your product has resources or persons, you need to tick the relevant checkbox. Since this booking has resources, we’ll tick the ‘has resources’ checkbox.

If you click on this checkbox, you’ll find a new tab ‘resources’.

Add all the resources you have. See the example below.

Let’s see how it works. After submitting the settings, click on the view option.