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Bookable Product (Minute basis)

BSMe2e lets you create bookable products on a minute basis. For instance, if you are a counsellor or a doctor, you can take appointments on a minute basis. In this example, we will show how you can create a booking on a minute basis.

So let’s start.

Create a bookable product and add the title, description, and image of your product.

Now, let’s move to the booking section to make the relevant settings.

In this example, we have selected fixed blocks of 30 minutes.

Since 1 block = 30 minutes, the front end will have a display like this.

Now let’s add a pricing rule to this product. On Saturday and Sunday, the base cost would increase by $10 and the block cost would also increase by $10 in this example.

Let’s see how the calculation works. Submit the settings and choose the view mode.

As you can see, we have booked the appointment on Saturday. So, as per the price rule, both the block and the base cost will increase by $10. The calculation would be:

(Base cost + block cost = $5 + $10) and (Base cost for Saturday + block cost for Saturday = $10 + $10)

Therefore, $15 + $20 = $35.