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Creating a bookable product live from site front end was impossible earlier. But now, it is in your hands. Through this option, we are empowering the vendors to manage their own bookings. You can manually create a booking for your customer or assign the booking to an order that already exists.

Vendors will be able to create bookings and manage them. So, let’s see how you can configure them manually. After logging in to your vendor account, go to your dashboard and click on the bookings option. You’ll be redirected to the page shown below. We’ll explore each of the features in detail.


Under this, you can either creating booking for a new customer or assign booking to an existing order.

Once you click on it, the following will appear on the screen.

You will have to add the Customer for whom you wish to create this booking. You can assign the booking to an order that already exists.

Or, you may create it as a new booking as shown in the sample image below. Let us go with a New Order option. Click on the add new customer option.

A new form will appear on your screen. Add all the customer details like email, phone, first name, and last name. Click on submit.

After clicking on submit, this is how the page will be displayed.

Now select a bookable product from the list and click on next.  Refer to the sample below.

On clicking the next option, you will be taken to a page where you can add the booking data. Once you add all the data, click on ‘add booking’ option.

That’s it! The deed is done. You’ll be redirected to the page where you can see the booking.

Since you have created the booking manually, the status of the payment remains ‘unpaid’. You can update the status once the payment is made by the customer. You can also view the order by clicking on ‘view order’.

Now let’s see how you can assign booking to an existing order.

Go to your dashboard, select bookings and then create booking. This time we will choose the option – ‘Assign this booking to an existing order with this ID’ and then click on next. Also, don’t forget to select the guest name and the bookable product.

Click on next, and you’ll be redirected to page where you can add all the booking data.

Add all the booking data and click on ‘add booking’ option.

That’s all. You have successfully created the booking.


To accept bookings or create a manual booking for your customer, you need to create a bookable product. Please check out our manual on bookable products to know the entire process.


Go to your dashboard and find the booking section. Click on the manage resources option. Find the ‘add new resource’ option and click on it.

You’ll be redirected to a new page as shown below.

Resource Title: You can add the name of the Resource. For instance, you can add in a person’s name here.

Available Quantity: You can choose the number of resource that will be available at any given time.

Range Type: Here you can select a range for your resource person. There are different range types such as range of months, weeks, days and even time ranges available for you.

From: This indicates the start period of the range.

To: This indicates the end period of the range.

Bookable: To make this range bookable, you will have to select the checkbox. If you haven’t selected the checkbox, that means your booking for this range is unavailable.

Priority: This will indicate which range of the resource will get a priority. The range with lower priority number will override those with higher priority.

Once you fill in all the details, the page will look like this.


To view all bookings that you’ve created, go to the booking list option. To filter bookings, click on the filter bookings option and choose the date range.


This option gives you a frontend calendar view, making the booking process easy and intuitive to the users.