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BSMe2e allows the vendors to configure coupon for their store. They can add new coupons for their store. Go to your dashboard, choose the coupons option, and click on the add new button. Refer to the screenshot below.

Clicking on add new will take you to the coupon page as shown below –

Let’s now take up each of the components present here. We’ll start with the general settings first.


  • Code – The name of the store coupon needs to be mentioned here.
  • Description – The coupon description can be entered here.
  • Discount type – There are two types of discount available – percentage discount and fixed product discount.
  • Coupon amount – The vendors can apply the coupon value which is to be declared.
  • Coupon expiry date – The expiry date of the coupon can be set here.
  • Allow free shipping – If the coupon grants free shipping, ensure that the free shipping method’ should be enabled and configured.
  • Show on store – This option should be enabled to display the coupon on the store page.

Restriction settings

These settings will allow the vendors to establish rules for their published coupons on the store. Check the sample screenshot below.

  • Minimum spend:This option allows the vendor to set the minimum subtotal needed to use the coupon in their store. Note that the amount = Cart total +tax
  • Maximum spend:This allows the vendor to set the maximum subtotal allowed when using the coupon.
  • Individual use only:Enable this check box if you want to will that this coupon is not used with other coupons declared by the vendor.
  • Exclude sale items:Vendors can enable this check box if they don’t want this coupon to be applied against the products on sale in their store.
  • Products:Vendors can add the selected products of their store on which the coupon can be applied.
  • Exclude product:Vendors can exclude those products of their store upon which the coupon cannot be applied.
  • Product categories:Vendors can select the product categories of their store upon which the coupon can be applied, or that need to be in the cart in order for the coupon to be applied.
  • Exclude categories:Vendors can set the product categories of their store upon which the coupon will not be applied, or that cannot be in the cart in order for the coupon to be applied.
  • Email restrictions:Here the vendors can set a list of Email addresses that can use a coupon, verified against customer’s billing email. Use a comma to separate the emails.


This option lets you put limitations on the usage of the declared coupons. This tab provides a wide range of options which has been discussed along with a screenshot.

  • Usage limit per coupon– The vendors can mention the number of times this coupon can be used before it becomes invalid.
  • Limit usage to X items– This will allow the vendors to set the number of items against which coupon can be applied to before being invalid.
  • Usage limit per user– This option lets you set the number of times a coupon can be used by each customer before being invalid for that customer.

Once you make all the settings, click on publish.

If you click on the coupons, your coupon details will be displayed here.