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Seller Manual (Holistic View)

BSMe2e is a new age digital platform that gives a comprehensive range of services to the users, sellers, and customers. It is more than an ecommerce platform. We provide digital store spaces (virtual stores) as a service to let the users showcase their talent; help the entrepreneurs build their brand and enhance visibility, and allow the customers to shop from a wide range of products and services. The main USP of this brand is that it not only allows the sellers to sell their products but also gives them the chance to promote or advertise their offerings.

In this manual, we’ll specifically give you a summary of the steps that a seller needs to follow in order to build their store and run their business smoothly. We’ll also give you briefings on the features that the site offers.

To avail the exclusive features of BSMe2e, the seller needs to first complete the registration process.


Vendor registration is a must in multivendor site since it allows you to register in a seamless manner and also allows you to do your business independently. The steps include:

  • Selecting a plan (There are 4 plans – Basic, Silver, Gold, and Premium)
  • Filling all the details
  • Paying for the subscription
  • Purchasing the first store space/ shop space (There are different store types – Large, market, booth, standard, mega, advertising rectangle, and advertising square)

We also have a wide range of store categories. View our store category list here.  To know the vendor registration steps in detail, refer to our manual on vendor registration.


Once you’ve purchased your shop space, it’s time to make the settings to give your store a professional look. Please refer to our seller settings manual to know the steps in detail.

When you log in for the first time, you’ll get a store setup wizard. This gives you the option to make your settings directly at the very beginning. Since you’ve purchased the store space after registration, you should first complete the seller settings.

To set up all the relevant details of your store, go to Account and choose ‘Store Manager’ option.

The seller setting page shows a profile completeness progress bar. This shows how much information is shared and the remaining setting suggestions. It’s a direction to the sellers to help them setup their store. Under seller settings, you have the following options.

  • Seller– In this option, the sellers can add their store details like seller logo, banner, shop description, etc. Vendors can set up different types of banners for their store – Static, Slider, and Video. In this, we have added a static image. Just to mention, for video banners, only YouTube video URLs are supported.
  • Location– This option is all about your store location.
  • Payment– The seller needs to select the payment option through which they wish to withdraw their earnings. We have 3 options – Paypal, Bank Transfer, and Stripe. Check out our manual on payment withdrawal method.
  • Shipping– Premium sellers get the opportunity to use their own logisitics partner for shipping. The shipping related settings can be done from here. Check out our manual on shipping settings.
  • Delivery Time – Vendors can define their preferred delivery times using this option. It’s essential for vendors to “Enable Delivery Time” option. If they do not enable this, then customer will not have preferred delivery time select option for that vendor under checkout.
  • SEO – Sellers can set up their SEO and social media related settings from here.
  • Seller Policies– Sellers can set up their own store policies like shipping, return, cancellation, etc.
  • Customer Support- Sellers can share their customer support information so that customers can get in touch with them for any order queries and store invoice.
  • Seller Hours- Vendors are allowed to setup their store opening/closing hours from BSMe2e Dashboard -> Setting -> Seller Hours Setting.
  • Analytics Region- You can track the store/shop daily visitors’ statistics based on your preferred region.
  • Vacation Mode– Vendor may setup their store vacation from here. Vacation message will be displayed over your store page.

Note – It’s important to know that the seller need to first add their location details. Without adding the location, you will not be able to save any changes.

Once the seller settings are done, you can proceed with the store setup i.e. adding products to your store.


BSMe2e allows you to add different types of products. The supported product types are as follows:

Simple product – This type covers almost all the products that you sell. Basically, simple products can be shipped. For example, Book is an example of this product category. It is further categorized into two types –

  • Downloadable products – These are the products that you deliver as a file such as music, eBook, video, software application, etc.
  • Virtual products – These products require no shipping. These are intangible products and the buyers can buy them via a link or a download.

Click here to know how to set up simple products. 

Variable products – Variable products in BSMe2e let you offer a set of variations on a product, with control over prices, stock, image and more for each variation. They can be used for a product like a shirt or a bag, where you can offer a large, medium and small size and in different colors.

Click here to know how to set up variable products. 

Grouped products – A combination of related items that can be purchased individually. These products usually contain simple products. For example, a set of bowls or glasses.  

Click here to know how to set up grouped products.

External/Affiliate products – These products are listed on your store with all the information, however, you don’t sell them directly. These products are sold elsewhere.

Click here to know how to set up external/affiliate products.

Bookable products– Bookable products are those that can be booked/hired. Examples include selling hotels, rooms, apartments, doctor appointments, movie tickets, restaurants, classes booking, flight seats, etc.

Click here to know how to set up bookable products.

The manual links of each has been given above. Click on the links to know the process of adding these product types to your store.


BSMe2e provides a vast range of additional features for the sellers. In this context, we’ll give you a brief understanding of each. We will also share the respective manual links to get a detailed information on each.


In this option, you can see all the images that you’ve uploaded. Also, you can keep a track of the total disk space usage. For each of the images, you can take two actions – view it or delete it. 


This includes all the seller posts i.e. the articles published. You can view, edit, or delete your post anytime.


View all the products added to your store. You can also add a new product from here. Check our manual on the product types that you can add.


Through this option, we are empowering the vendors to manage their own bookings. You can manually create a booking for your customer or assign the booking to an order that already exists. Check our manual on bookings for all the details.


Sellers can check all the customer orders and apply the necessary actions for each orders. Based on the order status, the seller can view details, mark the order as shipped, or mark the order as completed.


BSMe2e allows the vendors to configure coupon for their store. They can add new coupons for their store. Check our manual on coupons for the details.


BSMe2e lets you see the entire list of customers who have purchased from your store. Moreover, you can also add customers manually. To know how to add customers manually, check out our manual.


If you have your own staff and you wish to add them, you can do it using this feature. To know how to add a new staff, refer to our manual on staff.


Under this feature, the seller can view all the refund requests raised by the customers.


Sellers need to complete their profile details by adding all the necessary details like location, payment, shipping, delivery times, SEO, seller policies, customer support, seller hours, analytics region, and vacation mode.


The payments option lets the vendors withdraw their payment. In this, the vendor needs to request the admin to withdraw the payments. Check our manual on payments to know the process.


Sellers can check the list of customer followers. The seller can also delete a customer as a follower if he desires.


Sellers will be able to see all the support tickets raised by the customers. The seller can either reply to the query or remove it by selecting the delete option.


BSMe2e marketplace shows the total earnings of the store for the sellers. You can select a wide range of options to keep a track of the sales generated for required timeline. Please go through our manual on reports to get a detailed report.


Under this section, you can see all the reviews of your products and services. You can see both the product reviews and store reviews.


Delivery is an integral part for any ecommerce site especially when you’re dealing with physical products. Eventually, it becomes difficult to handle all the activities without the help of a delivery person. BSMe2e gives a platform that is integrated with delivery management system for the sellers where they can add a delivery person and manage them.


The ledger book allows the vendors to check all their store transactions like withdrawal, commission, refund, charges, etc.  Browse your store transactions history like total earning, total withdrawal, and total refund. The transactions are displayed as credit-debit format.


BSMe2e gives a holistic view of your store analytics. You can filter the analytics based on the product type, category type, and store type. You can also analyze the statistics of the daily visitors of your store. You can filter different date ranges.


This is an automated refund and exchange system where the admins allow the sellers to handle all the refund and exchange requests, manage the stock of refunded products, and provides an opportunity to refund money in the customer wallet.