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BSME2E is founded by a group of highly motivated and talented individuals who believe that technology can completely revolutionize the way of thinking and bring a positive change in millions of lives. To fulfill our mission of redefining the way how the business operates, we provide a platform-like service wherein all the entities, like the users, sellers, and customers, can interact with each other. These digital spaces can be used for advertising and trading your products and services.

BSME2E is an all-in-one platform to start, run, and grow your business. We welcome businesses of all sizes as we believe in unity and the power of oneness. Whether you’re in retail stores or selling online, anyone can use this platform. We care about people’s talent and believe that every individual has some potential in them. We religiously rely on the concept of ‘Earth to Eternity’ as the future of commerce has more voices, and we believe that there is no limit. Determination is the key to success, and this is what we preach here at BSME2E. 

We deeply care about what we do, and we’re constantly trying to learn to make this a better place for everyone. We want to show the power of oneness to build, scale, and organize businesses in the most innovative way.  

All About BSMe2e Digital Spaces

At BSME2E, we create a path for you to live the dreams that you’ve always wanted to live. We believe in the ‘power of oneness’, and we want everyone to become a part of this exciting team without any discrimination. Every individual & every ethical business has the right to fulfill their business goals and showcase their talent to the rest of the world. To facilitate this, we offer you digital spaces in different variations. We provide flexible options to build a social presence in a one-stop hub platform.

The below list is the type of digital stores we have for you:

  • Standard Store 
  • Large Store 
  • Mega Store 
  • Market Store 
  • Booth
  • Advertising Box 
  • Advertising Rectangle

Each of the stores has been crafted to suit individual tastes and preferences. 

Why BSMe2e? What can you explore?

If you are new to the world of entrepreneurship or you already are an entrepreneur, BSME2E gives you a platform to explore a plethora of services under one platform. This platform is not only for budding business persons but also for users and customers.  


Users can show their potential by adding posts with catchy images and videos. And the interesting part is that they can like, follow, and comment on other users’ posts. To keep your viewers engaged and to ensure that you never feel bored, we let you create different types of posts –

  • Image posts
  • Content Creators
  • Publicity posts
  • Posts with images and videos
  • Vlogging


Merely presenting the product features to your customers may not be sufficient to make a sale. There are a lot of other aspects that are equally important to get orders from customers. This includes a proper promotion through advertisements, adding high-quality images, videos, etc. BSME2E gives entrepreneurs an all-in-one service to promote their business and increase visibility. We let you create digital stores, add products, market your business, and track your monthly sales. We give you a personalized seller dashboard to get a holistic view of your business. BSME2E allows flexibility as far as product selling is concerned. Check out the product types that we let you sell. 


Customers who want to purchase different types of products can benefit from BSME2E. You can buy from sellers across the globe and get it delivered to your doorstep. Customers can share their feedback and reviews on the purchased products. This will help the sellers know the expectations and want of the customer.

Our mission  

BSMe2e strongly values the concept of unity and interconnectedness. Our brand centers around the notion of ‘from earth to eternity’, promoting boundless exploration fueled by your imagination. Your beliefs have the power to drive your achievements. Our identity transcends specific products, services, or categories. Recognize your strengths, talents, and share them with the world. We simply request transparency, honesty, and adherence to platform guidelines. In this digital era, where information is readily accessible, we aim to facilitate communication and connections with all facets of existence. Our objective is to unite individuals and ethical businesses impartially, fostering professional growth and contentment and exemplifying unity between humanity and nature in this new era.

Be a part of our community

Are you excited to become a part of the BSME2E community? Register now with us. Still not convinced how this digital market space would benefit you? No worries! Just book your slot for a day and see the magic! And if you’re really satisfied with the outcome, get started with the 11 months booking slot. Just buy for 11 months and enjoy 1 month extra. Great opportunities don’t come every day. Just seize them with every chance you get with BSMe2e.

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