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    Business owner/CEOSenior executive/DirectorFinance/accounting/purchasing manager/specialistMarketing manager or specialist or ConsultantOther

    Attracting customers to your website/social media channel(s) (to generate ads revenue)Attracting customers to your website/social media channel(s) (to sell Products/Services)Attracting customers to your physical shopsMarket research, Understanding your CustomersCreate your Online eCommerce Store, web/digital presenceCreating Social Media Presence (like FB/Insta/Youtube/Linkedin/..)Other

    Online Marketplace Fees Commission FeesBuilding an online Presence, creating/renting an eCommerce storeDigital Marketing & PromotionsOnline Selling, Online Orders, Online Products/Services ListingCustomer Complaints, Inquiries, Returns/Refunds/ExchangeInventory ManagementStaff Management Technology/Website Management, Ease of Setup, Ease of UseOnline Payment ProcessingCost Savings, Visibility on Orders vs. Costs vs. Profits vs. AccountingCompetitionOther

    Cost Savings/Reduce Cost, ScalabilityBuilding Social Presence, Digital Marketing, Increase ReachBuilding Online Presence, Creating/Renting eCommerce StoresEase of Product Listing, Inventory management, Staff mgmt., Shipping, PaymentsStore Dashboard with Visibility on Customers, Orders vs. Costs vs. Profits, AnalyticsEnhanced Customer experience, Ease of managing complaints, inquiries, refundsOther