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BSMe2e Seller Requirements Form: Elevate Your Business

Welcome Dream Achievers! Ready to turn passion into profit? BSMe2e, your all-in-one marketplace, offers endless possibilities! Fill the BSMe2e’s Seller Requirements Form – a journey towards effectively monetizing your passion. This isn’t just a form; it’s your blueprint for success. In this dynamic form, discover 28 checkpoints designed to understand your unique needs across the spectrum – from immediate setup/concerns (P0) to short-term focus (P1), mid-term aspirations (L1), and long-term goals (L2). Each checkbox represents an avenue for us to align our services with your dreams.

From crafting a budget-friendly online store to igniting your brand with Instagram campaigns, this form is your canvas for expression. Dive into the New Era of Advertising or explore the benefits of our Premium Featured Stores. Need a video developer or eyeing a customized DFY Ultra Premium package? Tell us, and let’s sculpt your success together.

Submit your requirements, and let’s initiate a follow-up deep-dive session. Together, we’ll unravel the layers of your requirements, ensuring a tailor-made experience. Your success story starts here, let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Express your needs, submit the Requirements Form!

    Business owner/CEOSenior executive/DirectorFinance/accounting/purchasing manager/specialistMarketing manager or specialist or ConsultantOther

    1. Need help with Online Store Set-up2. Need help with Products Set-up3. Need help with Bookable Services set-up4. Need help to redeem the BSMe2e eStore Coupon5. Need help with Payment Settings set-up6. Need help with Shipping & Delivery set-up7. Facing technical issues, error. Need Help8. Tips to start earning, monetize passion. Tips on types of products/services to sell9. Details on BSMe2e Sellers Grand Contest & Winning Criteria, What's next?10. What benefits does BSMe2e Sellers get? Why Choose BSMe2e for Selling? What's unique?11. Interested in Budget Friendly Online Stores12. Interested in Premium/Featured Online Stores13. Interested in New Era Advertising Stores14. Interested in 90days free trial period15. Need Content Writer16. Need a designer: Logo, Banners, Product Designs, Brochures, Social Media Posts17. Need a Video developer18. Want to increase visibility on my Store, Products, Services19. Interested in Social Channels set-up and Organic Followers Growth20. Interested in Instagram/FB ADs Campaign21. Interested in Google ADs, Linkedin Campaign22. Interested in SEO activities like getting Online store/products/profile page ranked in serach engines23. Need a Budget friendly Website24. Interested in Mobile APP25. Interested in Customized DFY (Done-For-You Ultra Premium package). Full end-end online store set-up & Store advertising across channels26. A Founder or Enterprenuer, interested in testing start-up or new business idea in a cost effective way?27. Are you looking to expand the business? Interested in customized DWY (Done-With-You packages)28. Are you interested in gaining on-the-job selling experience? Are you looking to test your selling strategy and selling skills?