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Ecommerce Sales Contest: Online Selling Competition | 20143

Published By: Admin | Support Team

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  • 20143
Why taking part in the BSMe2e new-age ecommerce sales contest might be the best decision you've ever made? Let's consider a few statistics before knowing the reasons for participating in this e-commerce selling competition! eMarketer* stats says ... Continue reading
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Why taking part in the BSMe2e new-age ecommerce sales contest might be the best decision you’ve ever made?

Let’s consider a few statistics before knowing the reasons for participating in this e-commerce selling competition!

  • eMarketer* stats says that Amazon captured nearly 40% of US e-commerce in 2019, making it difficult for small businesses to compete. Furthermore, more than 75% of US consumers have tried a new shopping behavior since the pandemic began (as per McKinsey*).
  • Based on McKinsey’s study, the subscription e-commerce market has grown >100% per year over the past five years. In fact, the New Era of Social eCommerce is emerging, as per eMarketer*, social commerce sales were expected to reach $36 billion in the US.
  • As per Forrester*, companies that adopt an omnichannel approach to e-commerce can see a 10% increase in annual revenue.

Why Join This Ecommerce Sales Contest?

BSMe2e is a new-era online marketplace and the best ecommerce solution that combines the concept of digital ecommerce store rentals with the future of social commerce. Additionally, it allows sellers to showcase their skills, talent, and creativity while offering products, services, and advertising.

So, if you are looking for an innovative way to grow your business, then you must join this competition. It will help you in the following ways:

  • Experience the all-in-one new-age social eCommerce
  • Omnichannel mobile-friendly experience
  • Managing inventory, customer stats, sales stats, your own branding and supply chain, staff management, delivery management, and returns management all in one consolidated seller dashboard
  • View, and track the sales & customer stats in real-time

BSMe2e’s online selling competition is a highly pulsating competition that is organized to keep you motivated throughout your business journey and potentially win valuable prizes.

How this Ecommerce Sales Contest will Help You?

Here are a few points that will explain how the BSMe2e seller challenge will benefit you. So, keep reading!

  • Innovative contest rules which are simple to follow. On top of that, you get exciting rewards, prizes, and international trips.
  • Very transparent and unbiased way of judging. Visit Seller Contest Stats in real-time and track where you stand vs. other sellers.
  • Subscription eCommerce model, with basic (zero subscription fee) to premium flexible upgrade paid plans.
  • New digital ecommerce store types concept, rent an ecommerce store type starting with just $2/day to $20/day, with renting options per day for a few days, months, year
  • Moreover, you get flexibility in types of products and services that you can sell.
  • Options to display product types in formats like simple, variable with different sizes, colors, downloadable products, bundle/combo products, grouped products, virtual products, plus even options on affiliate products directing it to your website, your other stores like on Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, etc
  • Furthermore, you get the ability to sell services, bookable products with resources, virtual bookings, etc.
  • Wide Range of Categories to choose from. Moreover, you can showcase your products or services in the area that best aligns with your strengths and interests
  • Show your creativity, selling talent, and skills, display product demos, write product and services blogs, embed your videos, and share tips and manuals through Seller Articles/posts
  • Fulfill long-term business goals and objectives with exciting Premium, Gold, and Silver package benefits for winners.

Criteria to Win Sellers Competition

FREE BENEFITS FOR TOP 3 WINNERSPremium Package WinnerGold Package WinnerSilver Package Winner
Eligibility Criteria for entry into
Premium/Gold/Silver winner packages
Add 100 products or services/Yr

Add avg 10 Products or Services/month

Add avg 2 products or services/week
Sell 1000 products or services/Yr

Sell avg 100 products or services/month

Sell avg 20 products or services/week
Add 50 new products or services/Yr

Add 5 new products or services/month

Add 1 new products or services/week
Sell 50 products or services/Yr

Sell 5 products or services/month

Sell 1 products or services/week
Add 25 new products or services/Yr

Add 3 new products or services/month

Add 1 new products or services/in 2 weeks
Sell 25 products or services/Yr

Sell 3 products or services/month

Sell 1 products or services/week
Cash Reward OR
4N/5Days Star Tours Switzerland Trip for 2 adults (only with valid passport holders & visa)*
Monthly Surprise Gifts eligibilityYesYesYes
Free 1Yr BSMe2e Membership$6000 (Premium Membership)$1500 (Gold Membership)$100 (Silver Membership)
Free Winner Coupon to purchase available BSMe2e.com Store of Choice across any categoryFree 1 Mega Store/1Yr
(+ 1 Free Featured Space to display Brand Logo)
Free 1 Large Store/YrFree 1 Standard Store/Yr
Add ProductsUnlimited/1Yr10000500
Add ArticlesUnlimited/1Yr500100
Space Limit1TB/1Yr1GB512MB
Manage Own Staff optionYesYesYes
Manage DeliveryYesYesYes
Manage Self Mktg Coupons on BSMe2e.comYesYesYes
Monthly once Mktg on BSMe2e social platformsYesYesYes
Monthly once display of selected top posts/branding in our featured space section of Homepage/key pagesYesYesYes

So, let’s now answer some of the common queries that may have regarding this marketplace selling contest.

Frequently Asked Questions on BSMe2e Ecommerce Sales Contest

What is the registration process?

First things first. Register as a Seller:

  • First, register on our platform by visiting this link.
  • Note: If you have previously been a user on our platform and wish to monetize your talent by participating in the sellers contest, kindly use the same email address during the seller account activation process. This will ensure a smooth migration of your profile to the seller account. Read this guide to know more.

Secondly, activate your account:

  • Kindly activate your seller account to participate in the sellers contest.

Third, explore the resources:

The next step is about preparing for your journey:

  • Perform the necessary prep work as suggested by going through the provided resources.
  • Once you are done with that, consider what products and services you’d like to sell like simple products, bookable products, variable products, downloadable products, etc. Read the types of products and services you can sell!

Fifth, set up your online store:

  • Post registration, we will share free coupon codes for renting our e-commerce stores.
  • Use the provided coupon codes to set up your online store and begin selling your products and services.

Once done, you can now design Your selling strategy:

  • Consider selling a variety of products and services to boost your sales.
  • Craft a dynamic selling strategy by diversifying your product range and services. Identify target demographics and tailor your approach to their needs. Make sure you employ persuasive language, compelling visuals, and engaging content across online and offline platforms. Also, don’t forget to regularly analyze market trends, adjust pricing strategies, and offer promotions to stay competitive.

Next, verify your seller account:

  • Get your seller account verified to assure customers that you are a genuine, verified seller.
  • Refer to the seller manual at this link for guidance on the whole process.

Be Prepared for the Contest:

  • Please go through the manuals and ensure that you are well-prepared to kickstart your seller journey.

This is the last step! You can now start selling!

  • Once all steps are completed, you can start selling your products and services on our platform.

Best of luck with your seller journey!

What are the contest rules and requirements?

In order to participate in this contest, you must be 18+ years of age. Additionally, it is important to refrain from selling or advertising products or services that are mentioned in the prohibited list.

The registration process is simple – all you need to do is register as a Seller through our website at https://www.bsme2e.com/vendor-membership/?vmstep=registration.

Once you complete the registration process, you can rent your eCommerce store starting from $2/day to $20/day. We offer various rental options, ranging from a few days to months and even years.

If you want an easy recall Store ID, we recommend choosing a VIP/Fancy Store ID number. Once you have rented shop space, you can update your seller profile/settings, add a virtual store address, and set up your products.

The best part about the BSMe2e platform is that you can sell a range of products, such as bundled, bookable, digital, physical, and virtual products, under a single roof. Additionally, you can publish blogs and add embedded business videos (via YouTube embed links) to better demonstrate what you’re providing or what your products are all about.

Furthermore, integrating your website or social media handles (in case you have them) will give you an added advantage to increase your visibility across all channels.

Please go through the following policies:

  1. prohibited list
  2. Terms and conditions
  3. Terms of sale
  4. BSMe2e store terms and conditions
  5. Sellers servicing policy
  6. Sellers privacy policy

What are the prizes, and how are they awarded?

Refer to the table above to learn about our gifts and prizes.

What is the timeline of the contest?

The duration/timeline of the contest is set for one year until Nov 2024. If you happen to miss the November deadline, you can participate in January of the following year since this contest only takes place once a year.

How will this online selling competition be judged and by whom?

Basically, the BSMe2e organizer will judge and choose the top three winners of this contest based on the total number of products they sell in a week/month/year. To ensure fairness, we will follow a very transparent and unbiased way of judging. Participants can visit the Seller Contest Stats in real-time to track where they stand compared to other sellers.

How will the contest results be communicated to the contestants?

We will announce the winners on various platforms, including the BSMe2e.com, Contest page, Events and Promotions page, and across BSMe2e social channels (FB, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest). So, follow us and subscribe to our social channels for the latest updates, alerts, and notifications related to the Contest.

How will the contest impact the brand and sales?

BSMe2e often have a creative approach to marketing and promoting their contests, therefore giving you the opportunity to reach a wider audience and gain more exposure. When you participate in this contest and innovatively showcase your products and services, your audience will get interested to know more about you, which in the long turn, will help you generate new leads. We may be more agile and able to provide immediate feedback on contest entries, allowing for faster and more effective iteration.

Are there any restrictions or limitations on the products or services that can be sold?

Yes, there are restrictions to the kind of products and services that you can sell. Please refer to this list.

What are the long-term goals and objectives of the contest?

The long-term objective of this contest is to provide a futuristic social eCommerce platform. Moreover, it aims to help you establish a harmonious relationship with the Users, Sellers, Customers, Advertisers, and Agents and to maintain a long-lasting association. Furthermore, the contest aims to give sellers a competitive edge while showing their brand and helping them gain new customers in the process.

Ready to Take Part in BSMe2e’s Ecommerce Sales Contest?

In conclusion, participating in the online selling competition organized by BSMe2e – one of the newest ecommerce solutions companies and ecommerce solutions service provider, is a must for sellers looking to maximize their potential. By considering the above reasons, you can determine your business plan and prepare for a successful experience. So why wait? Take the leap and participate in a startup’s seller contest today! and take your business to the next level!

So, we wish you a blessed and fabulous association with BSMe2e.

Good luck and Happy selling!

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