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BSMe2e Ecommerce Shop: Product Types to Sell | Guide | 13370

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BSMe2e is a new-age ecommerce shop/store and an ecommerce solution service provider designed to fulfill the selling requirements of sellers. It is not just meant for entrepreneurs but also for common individuals with business ideas or talent who wish to profit from it. With this soon to be the best ecommerce solution i... Continue reading
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BSMe2e is a new-age ecommerce shop/store and an ecommerce solution service provider designed to fulfill the selling requirements of sellers. It is not just meant for entrepreneurs but also for common individuals with business ideas or talent who wish to profit from it.

With this soon to be the best ecommerce solution in the market, you can advertise and sell your products and services. We have different digital store spaces to suit everyone’s budget and needs. To learn more about the concept of digital spaces, click here.

The unique thing about the BSMe2e shopping center is that we let you sell products and services under a single platform. In this context, we’ll give you an overview of the different products you can sell on this e-commerce store.

Products You Can Sell on This Ecommerce Shop

Sell Simple products on BSMe2e Ecommerce Shop

As a seller, you can sell simple products in this ecommerce shop, which are physical and standalone products. These products have Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), can be shipped, and do not have any variations.

These are the easiest products to manage and understand. It is a product displayed on one product page. For example, a book can be a simple product.

Simple products can be of two types – virtual and downloadable.

  • Virtual Products – This type of product is not a physical entity. Such products will require no shipping; configuring virtual products is relatively simple and straightforward. No need to add weight, product dimensions, etc. Software upgrades, phone applications, virtual game tokens, etc., are some good examples of this product type.
  • Downloadable Products – These products are similar to virtual products as they do not require shipping.

They are available as a downloadable file with a specialized URL or path. In these product types, you can specify the number of times a file can be downloaded. Examples include subscriptions, software, e-books, music, etc.

Sell Variable Products in BSMe2e Ecommerce Shop

As the name suggests, variable products have different variations. The product can vary in color, size, etc. Variable products have different SKUs, stock options, prices, etc.

Simply put, this product type can have variations of the same item. Some of the best examples of this product type can be shirts, shoes, bags, etc., as all these are available in different color variants, sizes, and possibly slight design variations.

You can also choose to disable an individual variation or make the product virtual or downloadable. You get lots of room for tweaking here. For variable products, you need to set up attributes and define values such as SKU, price, etc., for each of the variations.

Sell Grouped Products on Ecommerce Shop

This e-commerce store also enables you to sell grouped products. It is a kind of product where you can cluster various simple products to form a single entity.

The USP of grouped product is that it doesn’t have a price and other features. The products you add to a group are child products with their own features. Your buyers can also buy individual items from the grouped products as well.

Sell External/Affiliate Products on Ecommerce Shop

Products that do not belong to your store but are advertised on a third-party site merely for advertisement are known as external/affiliate products. Through this, you promote one or more merchants’ products so that customers can make a purchase. This is one of the great ways to drive traffic to the website where you’ve hosted the affiliate product.

Sell Bookable Products on BSMe2e Ecommerce Store

BSMe2e is one of the online selling platforms that lets you sell different types of products under a single platform. We allow you to sell bookable products as well.

The product will have options to help you define booking hours from which customers can choose. Some of the examples of bookable products are room accommodations, online classes, hotel bookings, cab rentals, events, ticket booking, etc.

Bookable products in the BSMe2e e-commerce shop can have resources and persons. Your product can have resources when your product has multiple choices. This applies to ticket types, online classes, rooms, or instructors. We have created a bookable product, ‘cooking classes,’ and added resources in the above image.

The product shown in this example has different options such as – Chinese cuisine, Mughlai cuisine, and Italian cuisine. So, students can choose any one of the cooking types they wish to learn.  

Your bookable product can have persons if it has multiple persons at once. Also, you can specify the price of each person you’ve added. For example, if you want to sell museum tickets, then you can add different persons You may want to offer a different price for children and adults. Give a name to your ‘person’ type and add a price to it.

Sell Bundle Products on BSMe2e Ecommerce Store

Product bundling is the technique in which different products are grouped together and sold as a single unit. For example, combo meals are a great example of this type. Instead of selling burgers and French fries separately, you can sell them together as a combo.

Except for grouped and external products, you can add different types of products as a combination. In simple words, you can combine simple, downloadable, and bookable products together as a bundle. You can add a price to your bundle or keep the same price as the individual products. The best part is that you can define values for each product you add to your bundle.

Why BSMe2e Over Other Ecommerce Solutions Companies?

 So, by now, you must have understood how BSMe2e is a unique ecommerce shop.

Unlike other platforms, we let you sell a range of products under a unified platform. That’s why we are one of the unique ecommerce solutions companies you’ll find on the market.

Also, we enable every ethical individual to establish their own presence. Through this platform, we want to bring out the hidden talent in every individual and help them earn revenue from it. Want to explore and become a part of the BSMe2e seller community? Register with us at https://www.bsme2e.com/register/ to buy your first e-commerce shop!

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