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Advertisers Policy

BSME2E believes in transparent and healthy advertisements – and provides a platform for advertisers, users, and publishers to promote their products and services. We enable businesses of all sizes to let the world know about their products, applications, services, and websites across our network. But we want to ensure that the users have a positive experience on this site. Therefore, we have crafted a set of conditions that every advertiser on BSME2E needs to comply with. The purpose is to help you build ads that are in tune with our advertising policies. It’s important to acquaint yourselves with the requirements and comply with all the rules mentioned in this document. Our policies have been made not only to adhere to the laws and regulations but also to ensure a wholesome experience for the advertisers. It also offers guidance on the types of ads that are allowed to be posted.

Content policies

BSME2E offers you the following policies related to the contents. This will help you with the writing style and format. Your ads should help users have a positive experience. 

  • The ads should be concise, clear, and interesting. It should describe the products and services that you are willing to sell. 
  • The content should be grammatically correct. 
  • Do not add unproven endorsements or claims in your advertisements or landing pages.
  • Avoid any kind of inappropriate language.
  • Avoid plagiarism. Do not duplicate any of the other advertisements posted by the other publishers or advertisers.
  • If your advertisement has a landing page, make sure it functions normally as expected. No deceptive or disruptive content is allowed. 
  • When the users click on your ad, they should be directed to the right store page/product page/website. The page should be responsive even during peak hours.

Requirements for image quality

All images used in the ads should meet high-quality standards. Below is a list of the requirements that you need to adhere to when posting ads on BSME2E digital store spaces or advertisement slots. 

  • Publishers cannot add GIFs or moving images.
  • Images with photoshopped backgrounds are not allowed. 
  • Logo or text overlays in images are not allowed. 
  • Using images that are similar to the other advertisements is not allowed. Or images with minor differences will not be entertained. Always add original images. 

Prohibited contents

Below is the list of contents that you cannot advertise on your digital store spaces. 

  • Counterfeit goods – BSME2E strictly forbids the advertisement and sale of counterfeit goods. These are the goods containing a logo or trademark that is indistinguishable or identical to the logo or trademark of another brand. These products are not genuine but they are made to look genuine. 
  • Dangerous products – BSME2E aims to provide a safe experience to the users – so we prohibit the sale or promotion of certain products or services that can cause harm, injury, and damage. Examples include – tobacco products, recreational drugs, fireworks, weapons, ammunition, explosives; instructions for making harmful products or explosives, etc. 
  • Inappropriate contents – BSME2E respects each and every individual, and we provide a safe and reliable platform to publish advertisements. To prevent offending the users, we want to ensure that all the advertisements are meaningful, safe, and relevant for the users. We strictly prohibit displaying advertisements that promote vulgarity, hatred, intolerance, violence, and discrimination. Some of the examples of inappropriate content include – simulated violence, contents that promote hatred based on caste, religion, race, color, disability, and sexual preference; content showing self-harm or animal abuse, etc. 

To make it easier for the publishers, we have pointed out the restricted list of contents that you cannot post on BSME2E advertisement spaces. This includes:

  • Illegal products and services 
  • Political contents 
  • Tobacco and related products 
  • Discriminatory practices 
  • Weapons and explosives
  • Unsafe substances 
  • Adult content including adult products or services 
  • Violent and sensational content 
  • Deceptive and fake products 
  • Sale of body parts and fluids
  • Inflammatory contents 
  • Gambling products 

Restricted practices

  • BSME2E strictly prohibits the abuse of the ad network. Examples include promoting content that contains malware; using unethical means or processes to hide the real destination that users are directed to; promoting ads for the purpose of gaining social network endorsements from the user, promoting gateway destinations meant to send the users elsewhere, etc. 
  • Publishers should refrain from misusing or collecting the information of the users without obtaining consent from them. The user information like the name, address, contact details, birth date, national identity, religion, race, sexual orientation, etc. should be handled with care. 
  • Publishers should post clear and honest ads so that the users can make an informed decision. The ads shouldn’t be deceiving or misleading. We strictly prohibit postings of advertisements that deceive users by providing wrong information or excluding relevant product descriptions.   

Need more support?

For any questions related to our policies, you can get in touch with our customer support team.