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Welcome to Bsme2e. This document consists of all the terms and conditions that the potential sellers will have to abide by. For the purpose of Terms of Sale, the terms ‘you’ and ‘your’ would mean a legal person who agrees to become a seller on our platform. ‘We’, ‘our’, and ‘us’ refer to Bsme2e. By using our platform, you agree to religiously follow the conditions including the relevant policies available on our platform. We will allow you to continue with us as long as the terms and conditions are strictly adhered to. 

Terms and Conditions related to the sellers account:

  • To access our services, you should first register your account with us. Provide all the essential details like your full name, contact details, address, and a valid email ID. You may also need to provide additional information indicated as required.
  • Once you’ve made the registration, you can choose the plans as per your choice. We provide three plans for purchasing the seller space – Basic (requires no payment), VIP, and Premium. The sellers can choose their packages accordingly.
  • Sellers can buy more than one space for promoting/advertising/selling their products.
  • The space that you’ve purchased shall be valid for 12 months (1 year).
  • This platform is available to all those who are legally competent to form binding contracts. Anyone who is below the age of 18 years is prohibited to become a seller on this platform.
  • You need to confirm that you’re using our platform and the services for the purpose of business activity and not for personal or family purposes.
  • You hereby acknowledge that Bsme2e can use the email address you provide for creating your account as well as for all other communication purposes from our end.
  • As per our Terms of Sale, individuals who want to become a seller on our platform needs to provide accurate and correct details as requested by us from time to time.
  • The account privacy should be solely your responsibility. You are responsible for your account as well as the materials you upload to this platform. Do not share your account password with any other third party. We are not liable for any damages/losses due to your failure of maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password.
  • We reserve the right to suspend, terminate, block, and deny access if we suspect that the information provided by you is false, misleading, and vague.

Terms of sale for advertisers:

At Bsme2e, we offer digital spaces to advertisers for showcasing their products and services. However, there are certain restrictions that the advertisers need to keep in mind before putting up their content for advertising. This is to ensure that we provide the users with a positive and engaging experience while they discover your content.

Prohibited Contents

This includes sexual content or anything related to pornography or sexualization of children, abusive/harmful/derogatory content, obscene, offensive, and vulgar content. We also do not allow you to advertise the restricted items mentioned in the list below.

Landing page

If you’re adding a landing page on this platform, make sure they abide by the landing page policies as mentioned below.

  • The page should be user friendly
  • There should be clarity and transparency

Prohibited advertising practices

Before you put up an advertisement in the digital space, make sure you are aware of the best practices. Do not share any misleading/false information, do not engage in deceptive practices, do not make false/misleading claims, do not add any obscene/vulgar/sexual images, avoid posting any fake products/services, do not add any fake comments or reviews, and do not make any weight loss/money-making/money-saving claims.  

Title and thumbnail policy

As an advertiser, you need to comply with some of the regulations that we have listed below:


  • All thumbnails have to adhere to the policies related to prohibited content and advertising practices.
  • Thumbnails should have a high-resolution image
  • Thumbnails cannot be false/vague/misleading
  • Thumbnails cannot show before-after photos
  • Thumbnails cannot feature any politician or VIP or celebrities without seeking their prior approval through proper documentation


  • Titles should be written in clear language that can be comprehended. It should contain rightly spelt words
  • Avoid any grammatical or punctuation errors
  • Do not write misleading/false titles
  • Titles cannot have only the price. Add a proper description

 Read our Advertisement Policy to know more in detail.  

If your account has been compromised, here’s what you can do:

  • Change the login and password (in case you’re not able to log in, contact our customer support)
  • Review all the information in your account to see if any changes have been made to your email address preferences, storefront details, payment information, etc.
  • There may be times when your email account has been compromised. In that case, you can change the associated email address with the account and use a different password
  • If you receive any suspicious links or mail from our site, report them to our customer support team. 

Prohibited and restricted items:

As a seller, you are liable for the products that you sell. You need to ensure the legal compliance of the products and also adhere to the policies pertaining to restricted items and prohibited listing practices. Below is the list of items that the sellers cannot advertise or sell on our platform.

  • Absinthe (Alcohol)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Drugs; examples include but are not limited to marijuana and cannabis products, tobacco and nicotine, cigarettes and cigars, mod boxes, pill press machines, party drugs, vape kits, muscle relaxants, poppers, vape liquid, e-liquid and similar variants, vape pens, hookah pens, tobacco-marijuana-hemp-and-cannabis seeds.
  • Weapons include but are not limited to guns, firearms, ammunition, throwing star, high powered laser pointers, explosive weapons, all kinds of silencers, real firearm building kits, assault weapon conversion pieces, items intended to be used as a silencer or commonly misused as a silencer
  • Forest products like lumber products and composite wood products which includes particleboard, hardwood, plywood, or medium-density fiberboard
  • Hazardous and prohibited items – batteries containing no mercury, portable fuel containers, firefighting foam products, natural gas, underground storage tanks, products containing nitrous oxide, cleaning agents, fire extinguishers, fuel products, etc.
  • Pesticides and pesticides devices
  • Food products without authorization like food items, pet foods, supplements, and beverages
  • Safety equipment; examples include but are not limited to booster seats, child car seats, baby slings, baby carriers, and seatbelts
  • Counterfeit currency; this includes but is not limited to reproduction or replica of the US and Euro Currency, play/prop/replica coins, commercially exchangeable notes, etc.

Prohibited seller actions:

The seller needs to abide by certain rules and regulations while using our platform.

  • You should not use the site for unlawful and fraudulent purposes. This includes infringement of trademark, copyright, and patent.
  • You agree not to advertise or promote any information that is illegal or sexual in nature.
  • You should not interfere with the enjoyment of the rights and services of the other sellers.
  • You shall not use the site for promoting gambling, money laundering, and impersonating another person.
  • You cannot sell any fake or duplicate items on this platform. All the products/items you sell should be authentic and genuine.
  • Do not make any attempt to get illegal access to our platform. Avoid fraudulent means like password mining and password hacking.
  • You agree to not use any software that hampers the smooth functioning of our platform.

Terms of Sale: Selling of products through the platform:

We have listed out a few essential selling policies to streamline the process and also to make it a great experience for your buyers. Setting clear expectations and fulfilling them is one of the best ways to keep your buyers happy and content. Failure to follow these principles might subject you to a range of actions like suspending you from using the site features, removing your product, displaying your product at the bottom of the search results, and much more. Below mentioned is a list of guidelines that you are requested to abide by.

  • Charging reasonable shipping costs
  • Mentioning the return policy and handling time
  • Responding to your customer queries on time
  • Ensuring that the item that you’ve posted for sale is delivered to the buyer as promised in your listing
  • Updating your listings to ensure that all the information is up to date and accurate
  • To ensure a competitive marketplace, we want the sellers to price the items independently from the other sellers. You may take pricing ideas from the other sellers but you cannot contact them for coordinating pricing in any manner

We have further elaborated the policies related to the ‘selling practices on Bsme2e’-

  1.   Item description

The sellers should clearly describe the product with all the relevant details. This information helps the buyer know about the item that will help them make a rational decision.

  1. Communication –

Do whatever it takes to maintain a harmonious relationship with your customers. Make sure you promptly reply to the buyers before and after the sale. Communicate professionally and address their doubts, concerns, and problems. Refrain from using any kind of abusive/offensive language while communicating with the customers.

  1. Shipping Policy –

At Bsme2e, we provide various shipping options to choose from. Selling online on this platform through the shipping provisions that we offer comes with several perks and benefits. When you use our shipping services, you agree to abide by the norms of the delivery partner you choose.

In case you want to ship your own products, we give you the freedom to contact a third party or choose your own delivery partner. But make sure that the products you ship reach your customers within the promised delivery date.

  1.   Return/Refund Policy – 

As per BSMe2e terms of sale, individual sellers are required to list out their own return and refund policy so that expectations are met after delivery of the products. Under the return policy:

  • Mention clearly the criteria under which returns will be accepted
  • Mention the time limit within which the customer has to place the return request
  • The process of how refunds will be processed

By using our website and the features of this site, you agree to abide by the norms set out by us. 

Terms of Sale: Fee avoidance policy

Avoiding fees whether intentionally or unintentionally is not allowed. Sellers who attempt to do so will create risk for themselves. We have listed out the activities that are prohibited on this platform.

  • Making offers to sell outside Bsme2e
  • Linking/advertising sites, catalogs, or items that can be used for ordering items outside this platform
  • Requiring buyers to make extra purchases or making them agree to terms outside of the listing
  • Charging hefty shipping costs or additional fees
  • Changing the information in a listing in order to sell a different item

Sellers have to pay fees to us for making sales through some of the service features that we provide. Activities that fall outside the scope of our policies could result in a wide range of actions like – canceling spaces, hiding your products/advertisements from the search results, lowering seller ratings, suspension/termination/blocking of accounts, and restricting your activity on this platform.

Payment gateway

Beme2e gives you the freedom to choose the best payment gateway to facilitate smooth transactions between you and us as well as between you and your buyers. It also gives your customers a variety of payment options to choose from.

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • UPI

Terms of Sale: Trademark and copyright

We respect the intellectual property of others. In case of copyright or trademark violations, you can raise a complaint with us. All the contents that you see on this platform like graphics, logos, illustrations, texts, audio, and video clips are protected by our copyrights and trademarks. You are strictly prohibited from directly or indirectly copying, publishing, reproducing, distributing, or transmitting contents of our platform as well as other seller’s material via any electronic means. If any of the materials are used by the seller without our prior approval, we have the right to take necessary actions for the same.

Breach of terms of use:

We reserve the right to take actions that include limiting your activity on this platform, suspending/blocking/terminating your account temporarily if:

  • You violate the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other policies of this platform
  • We are not able to verify the authenticity of the information provided by you
  • We suspect that your actions on this platform might infringe/violate our or others’ rights
  • You fail to provide the required documents as requested by us

We, at our sole discretion, have the authority to take strict actions and also recover any amount that you owe to us for violating our policies.

Please go through our terms of sale before using our products and services!