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BSMe2e Store Terms and Conditions

This store policy is to inform the store purchasers about the guidelines that they should follow. Before hiring a digital store space, carefully go through this document on BSME2E’s store policy. 

Terms and Conditions

  • To use this platform, the person should have attained the age of 18 years or above. 
  • You are responsible for keeping your account information secured and confidential. Do not share your credentials with anyone. BSME2E shall not be responsible for misuse of your account or any liabilities arising out of it. 
  • Sellers can create a profile by entering a username and password followed by which you need to choose the preferred subscription package. Once selected, you need to add all the personal details. After filling out all the details, you’ll be taken to the next page i.e. the payment page to complete your purchase of digital space.
  • Some information like your store name, products, and basic details you provide for setting up your profile can be seen by the customers which allow them to know more about you. You voluntarily supply such information on this platform. Rest assured that your confidential information remains safe and secure with us.
  • Sellers can add products to the store and also share the details with the buyers, however, they shall not be permitted to advertise or sell any product(s) that falls under the list of prohibited items as identified by BSM2E from time to time. 
  • The platform shall not be used for illegal or unlawful activities that breach the terms of the user agreement. BSME2E reserves the right to terminate, suspend, or block the account of such sellers. 

Under the Terms and Conditions, there are two most important rules that you need to adhere to after purchasing a digital store space from us.

  • If the customers share negative reviews or poor ratings about your store on a consistent basis, BSME2E shall disable your account until and unless you take corrective measures to improve your store’s ratings and reviews. Your store shall be removed if there is no improvement in the performance of the store. 
  • BSME2E can also disable and remove an account if the store owner promotes, advertises, or sell items, products, or services that are mentioned in the ‘Prohibited Items’ list. 

List of Prohibited Items

  • Absinthe (Alcohol)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Drugs; examples include but are not limited to marijuana and cannabis products, tobacco and nicotine, cigarettes and cigars, mod boxes, pill press machines, party drugs, vape kits, muscle relaxants, poppers, vape liquid, e-liquid and similar variants, vape pens, hookah pens, tobacco-marijuana-hemp-and-cannabis seeds.
  • Weapons include but are not limited to guns, firearms, ammunition, throwing star, high powered laser pointers, explosive weapons, all kinds of silencers, real firearm building kits, assault weapon conversion pieces, items intended to be used as a silencer or commonly misused as a silencer
  • Forest products like lumber products and composite wood products which includes particleboard, hardwood, plywood, or medium-density fiberboard
  • Hazardous and prohibited items – batteries containing no mercury, portable fuel containers, firefighting foam products, natural gas, underground storage tanks, products containing nitrous oxide, cleaning agents, fire extinguishers, fuel products, etc.
  • Pesticides and pesticides devices
  • Food products without authorization like food items, pet foods, supplements, and beverages
  • Safety equipment; examples include but are not limited to booster seats, child car seats, baby slings, baby carriers, and seatbelts
  • Counterfeit currency; this includes but is not limited to reproduction or replica of the US and Euro Currency, play/prop/replica coins, commercially exchangeable notes, etc.

Please go through all the terms and conditions and terms of sale before you purchase a digital store space from us. 

Seller Payment Settlement Policy

As per BSME2E’s Payment Settlement Policy, all the payments for the transactions will be settled at the end of the day. Our payment processor is Stripe. Store owners need to first create an account on Stripe and share all the credentials on the seller’s dashboard. The settlement amount is the total value that you’ve earned through the sale of your products and services. It also means the total amount minus the amounts that you owe to us. The availability of payment methods will vary depending on the location. 

To the extent permitted by law, BSME2E can by requesting the payment processor, collect any obligations that you owe us. We may request the processor to deduct the amount from the funds payable to you arising from the settlement of payments. However, if the amount is not sufficient enough to fulfill your obligations, BSME2E reserves the right to charge the payment method linked with your BSME2E payments account.

Seller Store Cancellation and Refund Policy

As per the BSME2E Store Policy, you can start using the store only after the admins’ approval. To cancel your booking, it is important to keep in mind some of the key pointers. If the store owners want to cancel their store purchase, an intimation has to be sent to the BSME2E admin before the admin sends the approval. 50% of the charges will be deducted if you cancel the store purchase after the admin’s approval. 100% cancelation fee will be charged if canceled after store activation (non-refundable). We do not accept any cancellation requests after the activation of the store. However, you may cancel the subscription anytime which is a recurring one. The subscription stands canceled as soon as you raise a request for it. 

Sellers Servicing Policy

BSME2E offers digital store spaces for the sale of both products and services. If you are hiring a store from us for selling your services, please go through the policies carefully. There are separate cancellation and refund policies when it comes to providing services. For instance, if the service provider doesn’t show up on the booked date, the customer should be informed in advance and the entire booking amount should be refunded immediately. Also, the booking should be canceled from the seller’s end. On the other hand, if the customers don’t show up on the booked date, they cannot claim refunds. But if the customer cancels the booking within the cancelation window, refunds will be made to the customer. The service providers should configure deposits, pre-payment, and pre-authorization arrangements to ensure transparency and honesty while providing services through BSME2E. Go through the Sellers Servicing Policy for more details.