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Why Bundle Deals are the Best? | Guide | 20191

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Bundled Deals/combined products in BSMe2e are two or more separate products or services packed together and sold as a single unit. T... Continue reading
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Bundled Deals/combined products in BSMe2e are two or more separate products or services packed together and sold as a single unit.

The individual products may be related or unrelated. However, bundling them together typically offers some kind of benefit to the buyer. For instance, the customer might enjoy a lower price than if the items were purchased separately. Or they can enjoy the convenience of bundling multiple products together in a single package.

In a nutshell, you can also refer combined products as bundle deals, value packs, combo offers, and package bundles.

Examples include computer software that comes with additional features or add-ons, meal deals at restaurants that include a main dish, side dish, and drink, etc.,that offer multiple services for a lower price when purchased together.

Bundled products can be a way for companies to increase sales by offering customers more value for their money and incentivizing them to make a larger purchase.

Points to Keep in Mind When Selling Combined Products in BSMe2e

When selling combined products & bundled deals, there are several criteria to consider to ensure that the bundle is attractive to customers and profitable for the business. Here are some key criteria to look for:

  • Complementary Products: The products included in the bundle should be complementary to each other, meaning they work well together and provide additional value to the customer. For example, a computer software bundle that includes a word processor, spreadsheet software, and presentation software could be more valuable to customers than just one of those products alone
  • Price Point: The bundle should offer a discount compared to buying the individual products separately, but the discount should not be so steep that it eats into the profit margin of the business. The price of the bundle should be competitive with other similar offerings on the market.
  • Convenience: The bundle should be convenient for customers to purchase and use. It should be easy to understand what’s included in the bundle and how to use the products together.
  • Marketing: The bundle should be marketed effectively to attract customers. This could involve highlighting the benefits of the bundle, emphasizing the savings compared to buying the products separately, and using eye-catching packaging or advertising.
  • Flexibility: The bundle should offer some level of flexibility, such as allowing customers to choose which products are included in the bundle or offering different bundle options at different price points.

By considering these criteria, businesses can create bundled products that are attractive to customers and profitable for the business.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bundled Deals

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about combined products in BSMe2e. For more details visit our FAQs and Seller Manuals.

How can I create bundled products in BSMe2e?

You can create bundled products in BSMe2e by creating a bundled product page. This allows you to add multiple products to it, set a discounted price, and customize the bundle product page.

Can I offer different pricing options for bundled/combined products?

Yes, you can offer different pricing options for bundled/combined products in BSMe2e. For example, you could create a basic bundle with a lower price point and a premium bundle with additional products and a higher price.

Can customers customize the products included in a bundle?

Yes, with the Product Bundles, customers can customize the products included in a bundle. You can allow customers to choose which products they want to include in the bundle. Or you can offer pre-defined bundle options.

How do I display bundled products on my BSMe2e store?

You can display bundled products on your BSMe2e store by creating a bundle product page. Showcase the products included in the bundle and the discounted price.

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Ready to Create Your Bundle deals?

To create bundled products in BSMe2e, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your BSMe2e dashboard.
  2. Click on “Products” and select “Add New.”
  3. Enter the title and description of your bundled product.
  4. Under “Product Data,” select “Bundle” from the “Product Type” dropdown menu.
  5. Configure your bundled product by setting the pricing and selecting the individual products that will be included in the bundle.
  6. Customize the presentation of your bundle by configuring the layout and display options.
  7. Set any additional product options, such as shipping and tax settings.
  8. Publish your bundled deals.

Your bundled/combined product should now be available for purchase on your BSMe2e shop. Refer to the following guides to know all the setup details of this product.

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