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Some people love to eat, but very few are blessed with sublime culinary skills. So, if you’re among the ones who make delicious meals, then you’re a great cook! Whether you are pass... Continue reading
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Some people love to eat, but very few are blessed with sublime culinary skills. So, if you’re among the ones who make delicious meals, then you’re a great cook! Whether you are passionate about cooking or a trained chef, plenty of options can help you generate revenue from your talent. So, if you have cooking talent and wish to turn it into profit, try out BSMe2e’s digital stores.

This new-age marketplace allows you to showcase your cooking talent and become a seller on this platform to sell your culinary skills. You can see how our users have shared their culinary talent on this platform.


If you want to make the most of your culinary wizardry, check out the interesting ways to make money out of your cooking talent.

  • Start a cloud kitchen

No matter what you call – cloud kitchens, virtual kitchens, ghost kitchens, etc., the aim of all of them remains the same – to deliver food items to customers with no dine-in option.

Starting your own cloud kitchen can seem daunting, but there are plenty of food delivery apps you can use to deliver your food. You can also own a digital cooking store on BSMe2e and start delivering your food services online. With the premium package, you can manage your own delivery and staff. Or you may also use this platform for advertising your cloud kitchen through advertisement rectangle and advertisement square.  

  • Share recipes

Another great way to earn income from your cooking talent is to share recipes online. Write your food items and share it as an e-recipe book. Share preparation tips, the ingredients you’ve used, and the methodology of cooking your dish.

BSMe2e gives you a unique opportunity to sell your products and services under a single platform. In your case, you can share your recipe book as a simple product or e-recipe book in downloadable format, or you may take booking services for the upcoming cooking classes that’ll be held at your residence or your cooking school. So, you see how BSMe2e gives you flexibility in doing your business!

  • Start cooking classes

If you’re good at cooking, it’s not mandatory you have to sell food. You can also start your own cooking class. With the invention of new technologies, taking face-to-face cooking classes has become easier than ever! It’s a great way to generate income. Arrange innovative and fun-filled cooking classes and share your cooking expertise with your students. Want to spread this good news to others? We are here to help! Buy your digital dokan with us and create a bookable service with ease. Here’s what your bookable product will look like:

cooking classes

You can also allow your students to book your cooking classes to reserve their seats.

  • Become a food blogger

If you have mastered your cooking skills, you may look at creating cooking blogs. It’s a great way to share your culinary skills with like-minded individuals. Starting a blog can be a daunting task initially, but you have to be consistent, and eventually, your blog will grow as you continue to add more recipes.

Once you have reached a substantial amount of readers, there’s an excellent chance to earn income out of it. Try out our TalentBook first. It’s a dedicated place to show your talent. Share your blogs and interact with other users.

Check out how our user has shared her cooking talent. Images and recipe guidelines have been beautifully shared.

cooking talent

With time, as more viewers would want to know about your recipes, you can think of having your digital store as a shop where you can sell your own cooking recipes. BSMe2e gives you a platform as a service for talent showcase and commercialization.

  • Start your own YouTube channel

Nowadays, YouTube has become an excellent destination to earn income. Every talented individual, whether they are good at blogging, Vlogging, etc., is turning to YouTube to create videos and earn revenue from it. It’s a great place to sell cooking courses or promote your recipes. So, if you have culinary skills, start with shooting videos and upload them on this platform. Even BSMe2e can help enhance your YouTube viewers. You can embed YouTube video links on your BSMe2e digital stores. This way, you can increase your video views and earn more income through this platform.

 So, the list of possibilities is endless. All you need to do is uncover your talent. Unless you discover your talent, you’ll not realize your potential to earn income. Showcase your talent and turn it into profits by purchasing your first-ever digital store with us.

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