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What Football Skills Can I Show on BSMe2e? | Guide | 16860

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Planning to showcase your football skills to the world? You're in the right place. ... Continue reading
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Planning to showcase your football skills to the world?

You’re in the right place.

Show Your Football Skills

Many talented football players dream of gracing the professional pitch someday. With practice and dedication, they can surely fulfill their dreams. However, to get noticed by high-level scouts, it’s important to showcase your talent to the world.

So, how can you fall into that camp?

Well, it’s easy. BSMe2e introduces TalentBook, a dedicated talent showcase platform where football players – both aspiring and seasoned players get an opportunity to reveal their football skills and qualities. Regardless of your experience level, we believe talent is everywhere but lacks the right opportunity.  Keeping this aspect in mind, we have developed this innovative platform to show your football skills.

This piece lists all the skills that a football player can show on this platform.

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Football Skills You Can Show on BSMe2e TalentBook

Here are some of the top football skills you can show on our TalentBook. But before that, let’s quickly check out why you must choose this platform.

  • Dedicated talent showcase marketplace
  • Show talent across 110+ categories
  • Leverage SEO features for better visibility of your posts
  • Show talent in various formats, such as blogs, vlogs, images, infographics, and more
  • Share your posts across social media channels

Having said that, let’s now check the top skills you can show on this platform.

  • Football Techniques

Football is a universal language we use, but the technique is the vocabulary that forms a player’s foundation. So, if you want others to learn your skills, this is the right place to show. There are 3 main techniques that you can show – dribbling, body movement and shapes, and ball mastery and control.

  • Mindset Skills

This is one of the important areas which determines the level you play. Moreover, mindset skills are something that every footballer needs to master in order to climb up the success ladder. Show how you practice mental toughness, share tips on perceiving constructive criticism and suggestions, share stories on how you self-motivate yourself by constantly learning and mastering skills, and lastly, show how responsible you are both on and off the pitch. Your skills can influence other players to show their talent as well.

  • Game Intelligence

Have you heard of the terms – “tactical awareness,” “great vision,” and “footballing brain”? You must have come across these terms if you’re a football fanatic. All these constitute game intelligence and are measured by players’ speed and decisions on the pitch. Most footballers are looking for tips to learn the art of making an instant decision on the field. Therefore, your expertise and skills can play a good role in this regard! Share skills and expertise on spatial awareness and ways to assess risks in the field.

  • Physique Training

This is another domain where you can showcase your skills and talent. The athletic abilities of players set a player apart from the others. You can make blogs or vlogs on how to build Agility, Balance & Coordination (ABC), power & strength, stamina, and speed.

The journey to becoming a professional player will take many years, so it’s important to recognize your football skills and talent. Most importantly, you must show your abilities to the world, so everyone knows what you’re capable of. Showcase your skills and establish your presence with BSMe2e. All you need to do is register as a user and start posting. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and register now!

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