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Do you have a talent that you wish to show the world but don't know where to begin? Let's accept this: Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. That's where the problem begins. And we are here to give you a golden opportunity of showing your talent on this skills-sharing platform.  BSMe2e presents a new-age socializing platform to showcase your ta... Continue reading
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Do you have a talent that you wish to show the world but don’t know where to begin? Let’s accept this: Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. That’s where the problem begins. And we are here to give you a golden opportunity of showing your talent on this skills-sharing platform. 

BSMe2e presents a new-age socializing platform to showcase your talent in the name of TALENTBOOK,’ where you can exhibit your skills, talent, and abilities and share them with global users. 

But are you unsure about your talent? 

You may have a great voice or be good at sports, painting, or cooking.

Your talent is God’s gift and can inspire millions of other lives. Try things you’ve never tried before, reveal them on BSMe2e Talentbook – the new age skills sharing platform, and share them worldwide.  

TalentBook – Engage & Collaborate

Appreciation and acknowledgment are important, and at BSMe2e, you’ll get to interact with various other users who can like, comment, and share their opinion about your talent. Even you can check their posts and socialize with them.

Explore your abilities because that’s the best way to recognize your talent, and showcasing them can help you grow personally and professionally.

For example, your hobby is creative writing, and you have excellent writing skills. But how will the world get to know about that? The answer is simple! You can create a user account on BSMe2e and write your blog, add multimedia like images or embedded video links, and you can share them with your family and friends circle.

This way, someone somewhere in the world may identify your potential and call you to work as a content writer for their company.

Or, maybe you’ll find people who believe in your ideas and want to invest in them! Who knows what’s waiting for you? Give a big shout-out to your talent and let the world know who you are!

In this blog post, we’ll give you an insight into why you should register on this platform, what kind of talent you can show, and how you can become a user of TalentBook.  

Why Choose BSMe2e Skills Sharing Platform?

With so many platforms available in the e-commerce space, why should you choose the BSMe2e TalentBook?

We have the answers for you. 

All in one platform  

BSMe2e gives you an all-in-one platform where you can socialize, show your talent, and earn revenue. This is the space where you not only show or discover your talent but also commercialize them. 

Show your talent / discover your new talent 

It may happen that you’ve discovered talent, but you can’t find a place to show them. That’s where TalentBook becomes relevant. Find talented users on this platform, get inspired by them, and discover your innate abilities and potential! Maybe you already had those qualities or talents in you, but you didn’t realize they could be worth sharing with the world.

110+ post categories to explore diverse niches  

This platform gives you more than 110 categories to show your talent. The post categories include – art, appliances, coffee, coaching, beauty and personal care, investment, pet, pizza, pharmacy, repair, sports, and tours, to name a few. The idea is to introduce new content variations so that your well-wishers and talent admirers keep up with their active engagement.

category list

Explore Our Post Categories

As mentioned, the choice is endless. It’s not just restricted within these 110+ categories. We’ll help you understand this with an example. 

Beauty and Personal Care is one broad category, but you can explore many talents under this category. For instance, you may have good makeup skills, and knowledge of beauty secrets, skin care therapies, and beauty products, to name a few. Similarly, we give you 110+ industry-specific categories within which you can explore multiple subcategories based on your forte.


Our platform lets you enjoy high customizations because we offer you the GUTENBERG EDITOR. This block-based content management tool requires little or no coding skills. You can play around with colors, widths, fonts, and alignments – all managed through blocks.

Add Title

Also, this platform gives you a personalized dashboard where you can change colour schemes, add other social media profile details, and upload your profile picture.

share all details
Skills-Sharing Dashboard

BSMe2e provides all the resources to start your journey. The best part? By becoming a seller on this platform, you can earn revenue from your talent.

Types of Posts You Can Create on Skills Sharing Platform

This talent book is like a marketplace where you can create your skills profile. Through this innovative platform, you can build camaraderie with users worldwide.

At some point in life, others will likely ask you – ‘what are you good at?’ Or maybe, you can question this to yourself as well.

If you don’t have an immediate answer, chances are you’ll consider yourself good for nothing. This kind of thinking will lower your self-esteem and confidence.

BSMe2e aims to empower individuals and help them bring their competence and talent.

To facilitate this, we let you create several types of posts, such as:

Image posts

image posts

Are you into painting or art and craft? Do you have skills in photography? Do you have an eye for detail and artistic vision in your mind?

Uncover your talent, build your skills profile, and showcase it in front of the world. Image posts are suitable for individuals with talent in art, craft, painting, photography, and similar niches.

Display your skills in an engaging fashion and get more likes, viewers, and followers! Here’s what your image post will look like:

Publicity posts

Publicity posts

Are you an influencer marketer and want to promote brands or their products and services? You’re in the right place. Show your publicity talent to the world through this talent marketplace

As a publicist, you may have excellent writing skills, attention to detail, problem-solving, public speaking, and communication skills. 

Whatever talent or skills you have as an influencer, this is the right place to show the world. Who knows, some big brands might be enticed by your skills and may directly show interest in hiring you as an influencer. 

Journalism/wordsmith posts

Journalism/wordsmith posts

Are you a journalist or a wordsmith and wish to share your talent with the world? This is the right place. The qualities of being a compelling journalist/wordsmith include waiting for the right opportunity.

And here we are with the best opportunity for you. Utilize this platform to showcase your talent in journalism or writing skills. Why not utilize your talent for a good cause and turn it into an online gig?

Posts with images and videos

Posts with images and videos

You can create multimedia content to make your work engaging and visually appealing. Let’s say you’ve excellent cooking skills and want to show others how you’ve prepared a dish.

Users looking for good recipes may want to look at your post if you give them a tutorial and step-by-step cooking instructions.

A post with an image and video would be the best. You can show the ingredients you have used and how you have combined the flavor and aesthetics to create a stunning dish. These exciting culinary tips can be shared through a cooking blog.

Let the world identify you and consider you as their inspiration. Maybe your cooking skills can entice some other passionate gourmand or food nerd!



Do you have a passion for storytelling and filmmaking? This is the right skills-sharing platform.

Making videos is like any other skill. You may have your own Vlogging channel or use other platforms to show your work. 

Maybe you are a successful vlogger, or let’s consider you have the talent to become a vlogger. But how will you recognize your talent?

Well! The answer is simple. 

You need to come out and showcase your talent to the world. Show your Vlogging talent on BSMe2e TalentBook and let others appreciate your work and hail you as a talented person. 

That’s all about the kind of posts that you can create on this talent showcase platform.

How Can You Become a User of the BSMe2e Skills Sharing Platform?

To become a part of this talent marketplace, you must register as a user. Want to get an end-to-end walkthrough? Go through our user manual.

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