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Digital Store Space by BSMe2e: Things to Know | Guide | 12878

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BSMe2e has introduced a new concept of ‘digital store,’ a virtual mall concept, which is the first of its kind in the market. It is one of the soon-to-be the best ecommerce platform for beginners. The concept is very much simple.  ... Continue reading
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BSMe2e has introduced a new concept of digital store,’ a virtual mall concept, which is the first of its kind in the market. It is one of the soon-to-be the best ecommerce platform for beginners.

The concept is very much simple. 

Instead of renting/buying physical stores, we encourage business-minded individuals, sellers, and entrepreneurs to buy virtual store spaces to generate more business and leads and get customers from around the globe. 

Our digital store spaces can be rented as long as you want and are based on your current GPS location. The best part? You can relocate your virtual malls anytime you want, which means you can overcome geographical locations, one of the major problems with physical shops. 

Types of Digital Stores

Looking for the best online selling marketplace or an ecommerce service provider that can give you an edge in the competitive market?

Well, you’re in the right place.

We have different kinds of digital stores, each with a different display on the search result and home page. 

And the best part? We are also one of the free online selling platforms. Yes, you heard it right. With our basic subscription plan, you can enjoy free selling! However, to get all the benefits, you need to upgrade your plan.

Below we have mentioned the kinds of digital stores we offer and also added snapshots for your understanding. Based on your store purchase, your shops will be visible to the customers as shown in the images below. 

Mega Digital Store 

Large Store 

Market Store

Booth Store

Standard Store

Advertising Box

Advertising Rectangle 

While using Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, you must wonder what is new about the BSMe2e digital stores. What extra can you achieve through this platform? 

First, we would say that you can consider us as the easiest online selling platform.

Keep reading the post to find out what’s so unique about this platform.  

BSMe2e Digital Store vs. Other Ecommerce Platforms

We’ve created the following tables to give you a clear picture of how we are different from other online marketplace platforms in the market. 

BSMe2e Digital Store Space

Other Ecommerce Platforms 
Allow every talented/ethical individual to establish a digital presence. You do not necessarily be a seller. You can turn your talent into profits by becoming a store owner. Most platforms require you to be a legal seller/entrepreneur. 
Let’s you socialize, sell, and advertise your products under a single platformYou can only sell your products online but cannot advertise them under a single platform
Sell products using your own brand name and logoSell products under the brand name of the platform you’re using
Sellers will be charged only 5% as the merchant’s service processing feeSellers are charged anywhere between 6% and 45% of each product’s selling price
Access to more than 110 store categories Some platforms have limited category choices 
Partner with your own courier service providers to deliver your products and services (available with the premium subscription package only)Use delivery channels provided by the platform you’re using 

How is BSMe2e Digital Store Different From Physical Shops?

Let’s now quickly take a look at why this new age of commerce is better and more convenient than traditional business shops/stores. 

BSMe2e Digital Stores 

Traditional/Physical Stores 
Rent your store space for as long as you need. You can hire it for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and so onYou need to rent the shop space for at least a certain period of time (maybe 6 months or 1 year)
Recurring subscription model where you have to pay monthly payments. The subscription can be canceled anytimePhysical shops, in most cases, will have to be rented and you need to pay advance rent for at least 3 months or 6 months depending on your renter 
Hassles of finding a perfect store location are eliminated. Use your real-time GPS location as your store location. You can also relocate your storeFinding a shop space in your preferred location is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Relocation is difficult. Finding a new space and transferring all your products to the new store is again time-consuming
Promote your digital shop using our classified advertisement slots Advertising your physical shop would be expensive. Creating pamphlets, flyers, business cards, etc., is time-consuming, expensive, and needs effort
24/7 availability of your shop (based on your store hours)It is available only during a limited time based on the kind of business you operate and the prescribed laws and regulations of the region 
High visibility, lead generation, and more audiences. Your digital space/shop is visible to global audiences Less visibility and less audience since your shop is known to the local audience only 
Showcase your products with images, videos, and product descriptions.  Limitation to the amount of information that can be displayed along with your product. Requires the seller to explain product details to every new customer
110+ store categories to sell and advertise your products Choice of product category is limited until and unless it’s a supermarket

Sign Up & Rent Your Digital Store

From the above discussion, it’s clear how BSMe2e can help your business.

Apart from the above, BSMe2e gives you a platform for skills sharing and e commerce advertising under one platform. Also, we are the free selling platforms if you choose the basic subscription plan.

Want to become a digital store owner that too with minimal investments? Look no further! Register now to be a part of our seller community! 

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