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Shopping Mall in the Metaverse

Futuristic Virtual Shop by BSMe2e | Guide | 15859

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Heard of BSMe2e's virtual shop? If no, then this post is for you. With Facebo... Continue reading
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Heard of BSMe2e’s virtual shop?

If no, then this post is for you.

With Facebook’s rebrand as Meta, it won’t be ironic to say that brands and retailers will incorporate experiential ecommerce into their business strategies to establish their presence in the virtual world. Since we are living in the next-gen of the internet, buyers and sellers can connect in the virtual world anytime, anywhere.

Considering this aspect, BSMe2e brings an innovative concept of an online shopping mall with built-in superior features to take your business to the next level. In our virtual world, we let talented individuals showcase their skills and turn them into profits under the same roof. This platform is also for those who want to enjoy the actual flavor of shopping.

Wondering why we are calling it the “Actual flavor of shopping?”

To know more, keep reading this blog.

BSMe2e – The New Shopping Mall in the Digital Ecosystem

BSMe2e shopping center will let all the entities – users, sellers, or customers- enjoy a holistic experience altogether. The best part? You can use the space for socializing with one another. From sharing talent work to selling products, the opportunities are endless. Forward-thinking brands, retailers, and aspiring businesspeople can build an immersive e-commerce experience by advertising and selling under a single roof. Sellers can buy a shop space in this virtual environment based on their requirements and budget. We have 7 types of virtual stores available across 110+ categories.

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Each store gives a different kind of visibility from a distance. It lets you see how your products may appear in the virtual environment. So this futuristic mall will make the ecommerce experience richer, more dynamic, and more interactive.

To give you an immersive experience, we also enable sellers to sell various forms of products, such as:

  • Physical
  • Digital
  • Grouped
  • Bundled
  • Bookable

To know more in detail, click here.

The New Age Advertising in the Virtual Shop

In this new virtual world, BSMe2e virtual shop will give you an authentic and unique experience of web advertisements. You can advertise and sell your products and services through our stores. What’s even more interesting is that you get multiple formats to display your advertisements, such as:

  • Image ads
  • Infographic/Vlog ads
  • Embedded video ads
  • Blog ads

Plus, you can leverage our built-in SEO options to increase the visibility of your ads on our platform.

Having said that, we can conclude by saying that this futuristic shopping center will define the future of experiential e-commerce in the following ways:

  • Brands can become shop owners in the virtual world
  • Businesses will sell digital forms of their products and services while giving customers the option to buy physical versions of them
  • The online shopping experience will be more natural, social, and intuitive
  • Sellers can follow each other while providing inspiration and feedback to one another

Hence, retail companies or aspiring sellers will experiment with new ways to advertise and sell, reach new customers and drive sustainability. Our virtual shops will feel richer and more immersive than physical shop spaces, and the best part is that you can personalize the experience for your shoppers in real-time. In fact, most companies have already started integrating virtual worlds on their websites. In a nutshell, BSMe2e’s new concept of a virtual shopping mall lets you showcase your talent or products and services in a discover-driven manner, which was previously impossible.

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