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Market Store – Your First Online Thrift/Souk Store | Guide | 17288

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You might have often heard about thrift stores, right? But have you heard about online thrift or souk-like stores? Probably not! BSMe2e - the new and the best ecommerce solution has introduced a digital store model where you can find different types of virtual stores at reasonable prices. In general, ... Continue reading
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You might have often heard about thrift stores, right? But have you heard about online thrift or souk-like stores? Probably not!

BSMe2e – the new and the best ecommerce solution has introduced a digital store model where you can find different types of virtual stores at reasonable prices.

In general, all our stores have the same functionality, just with the tweak in the display, but we have innovated our digital spaces to cater to different business types.

For instance, our market store is designed keeping in mind those sellers who have physical souk/thrift/kiosk stores but want to establish an online presence.

Starting a thrift store is lucrative because it will grow in the coming years. Imagine owning your thrift store in the digital ecosystem. Sounds pretty good, right? In fact, companies like ThredUp and Poshmark have experienced huge growth by reselling high-end items.

Try our market store if you’re trying to launch your thrift/souk stores.  Besides economic advantage, it will be of great social and cultural value. This virtual bazaar model (market stores) will let you showcase large merchandise, which is not always possible with physical shop spaces.

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What Is BSMe2e’s Market Store?

Market Store

With so many ecommerce solutions companies out there, why you should choose our stores?

Let us first explain the concept to you because it’s very unique when compared to other ecommerce solutions services providers in the market.

BSMe2e’s market store is a digital store that resembles a souk/kiosk/thrift store. Since this store comes with a reasonable price tag, this is the best choice for sellers searching for a platform to sell second-hand goods, vintage products, and unique merchandise. The best part? You get a unique ID for your store, which will let your buyers find you just by using this identification number. With this store, you can put up classified ads and sell physical, digital, bookable, grouped, and bundled products. Plus, you can create your own blogs/vlogs to provide product demos or product-related information to your buyers.

The market store is mainly for local sellers who cannot always spend dollars on building websites or running marketing campaigns. So, we have a twin model of advertising & selling which comes with all our store spaces. However, if you have your own website, that’s good! Every store provided by BSMe2e has a website and social media integrations, which let your customers explore more about your brand on different platforms.

Our stores are available across 110+ categories, so you don’t waste time finding your niches.

Our SEO and other additional features will make it easy for sellers to create an online shop with ease. The best part is that you get 100% control over your shop and can customize the feel and look of your store. There’s a dashboard where sellers can view weekly, monthly, and yearly sales.

Summing up

In a nutshell, our market store is like a mini-mart where you can showcase various products and services (provided you choose the premium membership). The following are the features of our market store:

  • Thrift/souk store in the metaverse
  • Displayed like small shops/stalls in the virtual marketplace
  • SEO integrations for better visibility
  • Sell unique merchandise or second-hand products
  • Target local audience
  • Unique store ID
  • Advertise through classifieds
  • Share blogs or vlogs to show product demos or share information
  • Website and social media integrations
  • Budget stores – no lump sum investment, unlike traditional souk/thrift stores

Want to build your first market store in the virtual world? Register now with us and experience this new era of online selling exclusively with BSMe2e! Our stores start from $5/day. But if you register now, you can get 30 days trial version for this store. It’s a limited-time offer and may expire soon. Hurry up before it expires!

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