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The technological revolutions in the 21st century, including some of the biggest tech trends like 5G networks, blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT, and virtual reality, ... Continue reading
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The technological revolutions in the 21st century, including some of the biggest tech trends like 5G networks, blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT, and virtual reality, have transformed how businesses operate in today’s market. In the same way, businesses have also adopted modern approaches to advertising to showcase their products and services. For example, we already know about classified ads earlier printed in newspapers. But virtual reality has transformed the way you can put your classified ads.

BSMe2e is a young and dynamic platform that has integrated the concept of digital advertisement through its digital stores, which is just a replica of physical store.

If you’re aware of us, then good, and if not, then you may know about our digital spaces in this blog.

But what is our advertising digital space?

We’ll tell you!

The New Era Classified Ads of BSMe2e

BSMe2e’s advertisement box and advertising rectangle are particularly meant for classified advertisements but innovatively so that brands and customers can interact in this virtual space.

Classified Ads – Advertising Rectangle Space
Classified Ads – Advertising Square Space

Yes, you can use it for selling your products and services like other stores, but it works best for ads because of its outstanding display across all devices. Whether your customers browse through cell phones, tablets, PCs, or laptops, they get an amazing view of your ads.

The unique USP of our classified ads is that we let you showcase your advertisements in multiple formats.

  • Images
  • Embedded videos
  • Blogs
  • Vlogs
  • Infographics

The best part?

You advertise your brand, as well as your products, services, and discount offers that are available at your retail shop and in the online market. For instance, you have a retail shop, and a sale/discount is going on. But how will your customers know about it? They won’t know unless they visit your shop. Right? That’s where you can take advantage of our advertisement spaces. Promote your physical products, promos, or discounts in the online space and attract your customers as honeybees get attracted toward nectar!

What is Classified Advertising?

As we usher in the new era of technological innovations, it is becoming clear that brands and consumers will interact differently in the Web 3.0 world and the metaverse that is rising out of it.

Through the combination of digital and physical, we will be experiencing immersion, customization, and connectivity as some of the top selling points. With the new consumer consumption patterns, brands will re-invent themselves in the virtual world. In fact, premium brands like Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton have already built their presence in the virtual world and earning good profits.

Our advertisement box and rectangle have certain characteristics, which are as follows:

  • Sociability – where brands and customers can connect virtually due to the shared nature of the virtual world
  • Scalability – Thousands of advertisers and sellers co-exist at the same time
  • Accessibility – Everyone, regardless of their background, race, caste, and ethnicity, can join the metaverse to build their business and share advertisements
  • Innovative Content – Online advertisement through BSMe2e lets you create immersive ads with personal anecdotes, which is not possible in the real world
  • Cement the Gap Between Physical and Digital – Sealing the gaps between both worlds will allow people to interact with products and services in an innovative way

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Features of Advertisement Box and Rectangle

Our classified ads slots will give your business a competitive edge. Some of the features of our ad slots are:

  • Spacious ad space – big enough to view in detail 
  • More room for adding creative elements and texts
  • Reasonably priced
  • Appealing display on phones and desktops 
  • High impact 
  • Capture leads instantly 

Do you want to try out new-age classified ads? Don’t wait! Come and buy your first-ever digital ad space and build your brand presence like a pro! Leverage all our features integrated within our platform and watch your business bloom from the comforts of your home! We are offering a free trial for 30 days. Just choose your category and apply the coupon code while checkout.

Register now and enjoy posting free days for 30 days!

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