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Booth Store: Everything You Need to Know | Guide | 17686

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Have you heard of a booth store? Probably, yes! ... Continue reading
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Have you heard of a booth store?

Probably, yes!

Booth markets are like thrift stores, often the community’s heart and soul. It’s a common ground where economic and social activity truly comes alive.

But did you think of starting your online kiosk?

Sounds unique, isn’t it?

We have created booth stores in the virtual world where you can sell your products or share information about your products/services. These stores let you present your products, services, solutions, and information in the most advanced and spectacular way. The future of virtual kiosks is prospering, and businesses leveraging them are shaping their futures most innovatively.

Let’s now explore how booth supermarkets can help you!

Booth Stores: Things to Know

Booth Store

Budget stores

Our booth module is for entrepreneurs or sellers with a limited budget to start an ecommerce store. The price starts from $2 per day, but if you pair this store with our premium subscription, you’ll find all the top features embedded within your store.

A new concept of kiosks in the virtual world

Nowadays, customers look for an experiential shopping experience without leaving their homes. To turn these into reality, you can turn to our booth stores, which are similar to virtual kiosks in this mall. You can use it as an “information kiosk,” where you can share all the essential data about a product, service, or event. The idea is to compose relevant information and offer a comfortable reading experience.

Perfect for short and quick advertisements

BSMe2e’s booth supermarket is a perfect choice for sellers who want to share short and quick ads online. It’s an effective advertising medium to transmit messages to your customers, a tool for helping your audience know more about your brand and its offerings, and an optimizer of time and effort for retail marketers.

Deliver personalized experience

Our booth stores are integrated with plugins that let you provide a customized feel to your customers. You can change the interface color and embed URLs like website URLs, social media URLs, and more. Apart from this, you can also leverage the built-in SEO tools for more visibility. 

Get unique product identifiers

Give your customers access to the products they need and make their purchases easier. With a VIP/fancy code, you can make your store more discoverable and reputable in the market.

So, are you ready to build your booth store in the digital world? Get ready for a unique and immersive experience. Hire your space for as long as you want. Use our calendar to select dates and create your store in just a few clicks. The best thing? We are currently running a limited-time offer for our booth store across all our categories. Buy your store and get a free trial for a month.

So, hurry up and register now.

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