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Almonds Kheer[Badam ki kheer] | Recipes | 12728

Published By: User | Malim Muskan Eram

User Location: Hyderabad | Telangana | India

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Ingredients:1] Milk-1litre2] Basmati Rice- 1cup3] Sugar-2cups4] Badam-10... Continue reading
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1] Milk-1litre
2] Basmati Rice- 1cup
3] Sugar-2cups
4] Badam-100gms
5] Caradamom Seeds powder-5
6] Saffron

How To Make Badam Kheer:
1] Take a rice and grind it.
2] Take a bowl and add 250gm of water and 1litre of milk and grinded rice and cook until rice becomes soft.
3] take Almonds and grind it [but it should not be in powder form] & add in the bowl keep cooking.
4] Add sugar-2cups and keep stirring. after sugar is dissolved switch of the stove.
5] Garnish it with Caradamom powder& Some petals of Saffron.
6] Now Kheer is ready to serve.

Keep Cooking & Enjoy the kheer.


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