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Bookable product (Monthly basis)

For example, you have a flat that you wish to offer for rent. If you want to create this as a bookable product on BSMe2e, how you can do that? We’ll show you how to do that.

Go to Stores/Products and choose the add new option. Once you create a new product page, choose the product type as a bookable product. In our scenario, we are renting the flats on a monthly basis. Therefore, the booking duration is fixed blocks of 12 months.

Now set the base and the block cost. Base cost is the fixed cost i.e. $100 in this example and the block cost i.e. the cost for 12 months is $500.

Let’s check the front end.

Now, let’s make the rest of the settings. Go to the availability tab.

Max booking per block would be 1 because we cannot allow multiple persons to book for a single flat.

The minimum block bookable is 1 month into the future.

The maximum block bookable is 11 months into the future.

Once you have made the settings, you can proceed to make further additions like SEO, gallery video, add-ons, and much more!