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Bundle products: Concepts Explained

When you sell different products together, it is known as bundled products. It is also referred to as grouped or packaged products. The purpose is to help users find all the products in a single package rather than searching for them individually. In this manual, we will discuss the concept of a bookable product.

When you create a bundle product, you will see a few settings which are as follows:

  • Layout
  • Form Location
  • Item Grouping
  • Edit in Cart


This option controls the appearance of bundled products on the display page. There are three types of layouts – standard, grid, and tabular. The tabular option is suitable for bundles having multiple products with configurable quantities. This makes viewing/comparing items easier.




Under this, you have two options – default and before tabs.

  • Default– The add-to-cart form is displayed inside the single-product summary.
  • Before Tabs– The add-to-cart form is displayed before the single-product tabs. Usually allocates the entire page width for displaying form content. Note that some themes may not support this option. 


The item grouping option controls the visibility of parent/child line items in cart/order templates. 


In this option, the bundled items are grouped under a parent line item. When this type is enabled, the subtotals of the parent/child products, as well as the total price of the bundle, are calculated which also includes the base cost and sale price of the bundle. In the image below, you can see the total price of the bundle as well as the individual prices of the child products.


Similar to grouped products, bundled cart/order items include a reference to the bundle they belong to. If you have added a base price to the parent product, then all the prices of the item will be displayed in a segregated manner. For example, the base price of the combo meal (which is the parent product) is $10 and the sale price is $5. So the price of the parent product will be shown as $5. And the cost of the child products will be displayed individually. This is not the case with grouped products. That’s because in grouped products, the total price of the bundle product i.e. the cost of the bundle as well as the cost of the child products are displayed together.

None –

When this option is selected, the parent item in all cart/order templates is not displayed. It is more or less similar to grouped products.