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Bundled Products (Layouts)

When you sell different products together, it is known as bundled products. It is also known as grouped or packaged products. The purpose is to help users find all the products in a single package rather than searching for them individually. In this manual, we’ll discuss how to set up a bundle product. Keep in mind that there are a lot of things you need to understand. We’ll take you to step by step so that it becomes easier for you to set up your product.

To create a bundle product, you need to first create individual products as well.

Bundle products let you add all types of products like simple, variable, bookable, etc. In this example, we’ll first show you how to create a bundle using simple products. If you don’t know how to add a simple product, check our manual on simple products.  

Let’s begin with creating a bundle product.

  • Go to stores/products > Add new
  • Choose the product bundlefrom the drop-down list

Now, go to the Bundled tab to make the relevant settings. We’ll discuss each one of them in detail in a separate manual. In this document, we will only focus on how to create a bundle product.

Layout: This option controls the appearance of the bundled product details on single product pages. There are three kinds of layouts – Standard, Tabular, and Grid.

Form Location: Bundled products have busier forms that require multiple interactions to complete. It has two options – default and before tabs.

Item Grouping: This option controls the visibility of parent/child items on the cart page. There are three options – grouped, flat, and none.

Now, we’ll add products to the bundle. To create a bundle, you have to add individual products.

We’ll search for the product in the following manner shown below.

You can add as many products as you want to add. Check the sample below.

You make individual settings for each of the products which we’ll discuss in a separate manual. Submit the settings and see how the product will be displayed.

Let us now see how the product will be displayed. It can be shown in three different layouts.




Let us now check how it will be displayed in the customer’s cart section.

When a bundle product is added to the cart, it creates a parent line item and the child items grouped under it. You can see the total cost of the bundle behind the parent line item and the separate prices of the child products.