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Delivery Persons

Delivery is an integral part for any ecommerce site especially when you’re dealing with physical products. Eventually, it becomes difficult to handle all the activities without the help of a delivery person. BSMe2e gives a platform that is integrated with delivery management system for the sellers. In this guide, we will discuss about this add on.

Adding Delivery Person

Let’s see how you can add a delivery person to your store.

To assign a delivery person, go to seller dashboard >> delivery persons.

Now choose the add new icon. You will be able to see a form wherein you need to add all the details of the delivery person.

Add all the details like username, email, phone, first name, and last name. Click on submit.

Once this is added, this delivery staff will be reflected under Delivery Person settings. The following is the screenshot of the same.

Manage Delivery Person

Sellers can manage each of their delivery persons. We’ll show how you can do that.

To manage delivery persons, go to the seller dashboard, choose delivery persons and click on the ‘manage delivery person’ icon under the actions options.

To check the statistics of the delivery person, you need to select the details stats option.

You’ll be able to see the total pending and delivered items by the respective delivery person.


Sellers can directly assign a delivery person from their dashboard. Go to Seller Orders and you’ll be able to see the list of customer orders.

Remember that bookable or digital products will never have any delivery option. In this example, the order number #2627 contains a physical product and therefore, you’ll be able to see the ‘mark shipped’ icon below the actions section.

When you click on ‘mark shipped’ icon, you’ll see a form wherein you need to add the shipping details like tracking code, tracking URL, and delivery person.

When you add all the details and submit the information, you’ll be able to see the name of the delivery person beside the order. Refer to the sample screenshot below.

Delivery Stats

BSMe2e gives you an interface where you can quickly check the delivery stats. The sellers can see a column that shows the delivery stat for each of the orders. To view this, go to seller dashboard and select delivery persons. You will find a stats column.

You can also view the stats of the individual delivery person by clicking on the respective name.

Delivery Notification

The customers should also get updated and notified regarding deliveries. Customers will be able to see the notification regarding deliveries in their profile ‘order’ tab. The order notes display all the notification regarding your product delivery. This includes your shipping, tracking details, and delivery.  See the sample screenshot below.