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Product settings for bundle products

In this manual, we’ll show you how to make the settings for a bundle product. We’ll begin with price settings. 

Setting a base price: 

Go to Store/Products and click on the bundle that you want to edit. We have selected the ‘COMBO FAMILY MEAL’ in this example. You can add a base price and a sale price to your bundle product. Let us show you how it works.

The base price is $10 and the sale price is $5.

So the calculation will be: $55 + base price ($55 + $10) = $65

Now, we have set the sale price as $5, so the total price would be $65-$5 = $60

Price settings of child products:

You can set prices for individual products added inside a bundle.

Check out the example and the sample screenshots below.

First, we’ll set the price for our product ‘BURGER’. Expand the product by clicking on the arrow icon.

Now, tick the price individually box as this will allow you to add a % discount.

We have added 5% as a discount in this example.

Now, we’ll show you the change in price. Click on the view option. Since we are providing a 5% discount on burgers, the price of burgers has changed to $23.75 and the total price has become $58.75. In the same way, you can also make price changes for the other products inside the bundle.