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BSMe2e marketplace shows the total earnings of the store for the sellers. You can select a wide range of options to keep a track of the sales generated for required timeline.

To see your reports, go to seller dashboard and choose reports. This is how your reports page looks like.

To have a better insight, let’s discuss the options available in the report dashboard.

Sales by Date

This allow the vendors to check the sales figure for a particular range of date. It can be week, month, year, or a custom selected range of date.

Sales by Product –

Get a holistic view of the products being sold using this option. The vendor can search for the sale which is exclusively being sold in their store. Use the filter option on the left hand side to perform the search. We shall explain each of the options in detail. Refer to the sample screenshot below.

Product Search – This option alows you to enter the product name whose sales report you wish to see. You need to choose the product from the drop down option.

Top Sellers: This section will enlist all the top selling products, clicking on which shows the sales figure of the selected product for a span of time.

Top Freebies: Similar to top sellers option, this section will enlist all the top freebie products.

Top Earners: Using this option one will get the list of top sold products, and check the sales report generated for a selected span of time.

In this example, we are making a search on the ‘art exhibition tickets’ and the date we have chosen is last month. Once you have done the settings, click on the show button.

Low in Stock

The vendor can get the list of the products which are low in stock. Besides getting a holistic view of the inventory, you can also view/edit the products from this list.

Out of Stock

The vendor can get a list of the products that are out of stock.