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Veg Tahari(Hyderabadi) | Food | 12149

Published By: User | Malim Muskan Eram

User Location: Hyderabad | Telangana | India

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Today! we are here to share one of my favorite dish re... Continue reading
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Today! we are here to share one of my favorite dish recipe. Hope who ever tries this recipe will know the taste. Let’s Start with the ingredients.

Ingredients for 1kg Rice
1]Rice- 1kg
2] 4 Tomatoes
3] 2 Onion
4] Coriander & Mint Leaves
5] kasturi mehti
6] Garlic & Ginger
7] Garam Masala-(cumin,cardamoms,cinnamon,cloves), bay leaf, coriander powder
8] Vegetables: Carrot, beans,peas,potatoes

How to Make Veg Tahari

1] Wash rice a few times. Drain the water. Soak for 30 minutes and Drain it to a colander. Set this aside.
2] While the rice soaks, You can wash & Cut the veggies, it should in fine shape.
3] Heat a bowl with oil around 250ml. add bay leaf
4] Add Onion which are sliced and Fry them until golden to light brown.
5] Add sliced tomatoes and keep stirring until it becomes soft.
6] Add ginger and garlic paste. Saute for a minute.
7] Regulate the flame to low. Add all the spices powders- garam masala, Coriander powder, Red chilli powder and salt.
8] Saute just for a minute. Do not burn this.
9] Add all the veggies- potatoes,beans,peas,Carrots.
10] Fry them on a medium flame for 2-3minutes.
11] Drain the rice completely and add it. Fry stirring gently for 2 minutes. Do not over Stir, the rice can break.
12] Pour water upto 1litre. Mix and check the salt. Bring the water to a rapid boil on a slightly high flame.
13] Add Coriander leaves. Close the bowl with a lid and Adjust the flame to medium.
14] after 10-12 minutes remove the lid. Fluff up the Rice and wait until the rice is cooked properly.
15] Now Veg tahari is ready to be served.


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