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All India famous bagara khana and bakhura | Food | 13106

Published By: User | Naseema Begum

User Location: Gadwal | Telangana | India

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Bagara khana and bakhura delicious combination

How to make bagara khana
2 tbsp ghee / clarified butter
▢2 bay leaf / tej patta
▢½ tsp shah jeera
▢1 star anise
▢3 pod cardamom
▢1 black cardamom
▢1 mace / javitri
▢4 clove
▢1 inch cinnamon
▢1 onion (sliced)
▢2 chilli (slit)
▢1 tsp ginger paste
▢1 tsp garlic paste
▢2 tbsp mint / pudina (finely chopped)
▢2 tbsp coriander (finely chopped)
▢1 cup basmati rice (soaked 20 minutes)
▢2 cup water 2/3 tps Salt 
firstly, in a large kadai heat 2 tbsp ghee.
add saute 2 bay leaf, ½ tsp shah jeera, 1 star anise, 3 pod cardamom, 1 black cardamom, 1 mace, 4 clove and 1 inch cinnamon.
now add 1 onion and saute well.
further add 2 chilli, 1 tsp ginger paste, 1 tsp garlic paste and saute until onions turn golden brown.
additionally, add 2 tbsp mint, 2 tbsp coriander and saute until it turns aromatic.
keeping the flame on low, add 1 cup basmati rice and saute for 2 minutes without breaking rice.
now add 2 cup water and ¾ tsp salt. mix well.
cover and simmer for 10 minutes.
after 10 minutes, give a gentle mix making sure water is absorbed and is moist.
cover and simmer for 10 more minutes, or until rice is cooked completely.
finally, bagara rice recipe is ready 
step 1
step 2
Step 3 bagara rice recipe is ready 
2 onions, sliced
5 cloves garlic, minced
1 tbsp ginger, minced
500 grams lamb
3 medium aubergines
3 medium tomatoes
 salt, to taste
3 tsp coriander powder
2.5 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp pepper
0.5 tsp red chilli powder
0.25 tsp turmeric
3 whole green chillis

Heat some oil in a pot and add the sliced onions, garlic and ginger. I used red onions. Heat on medium/high till golden

Add the lamb and brown this in the oil till it no longer remains pink. Add all the spices during the last minute
Add 2 cups of water. Bring this to a boil and then cover and simmer on the low heat for approximately 50 minutes
Meanwhile, slice your aubergines into thin semi-circles and pan fry them on both sides till they begin to brown. Don't use a lot of oil, as aubergines soak up oil like a sponge so the more you use, the more they'll take in and the more oily your curry will end up being. Just use enough to prevent the aubergines from sticking to the bottom of the pan. You may need to do this in batches. Keep this aside
After the 50 minutes are up, add in the fried aubergines, whole green chilli and chopped tomatoes and cover again. Allow this to simmer on low for 15 minutes
Uncover and check the curry for spices and doneness. If the lamb still needs more time to cook, continue to simmer it with the lid on. If the lamb is done, then turn the heat up to high and begin to dry out the curry. We are aiming for a very thick and smooth gravy the consistency of smooth pasta sauce.
Once the curry has dried out to the right consistency, garnish it with fresh coriander and serve hot with rice 😋🤤

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