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What do you understand about a shopping center? It’s a place where you can find different types of retail stores and products, and services under a single platform. Similarly, BSMe2e ... Continue reading
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What do you understand about a shopping center? It’s a place where you can find different types of retail stores and products, and services under a single platform. Similarly, BSMe2e is an online shopping center where users, sellers, and customers come together to demonstrate the power of oneness. 

Now, coming to the main question – why is BSMe2e the perfect shopping center? The answers are many. BSMe2e is a new-age platform that allows skills sharing, selling of products and services, and advertising all under a single roof. The concept is unique because we also let you advertise your products and services. For example, if you have a physical shop and want to get more visitors, you can buy a shop space on BSMe2e and advertise your brand or your products or services.

It is a brand new concept, the first ever in the Indian market. In this context, we’ll help you understand why this is the perfect e-commerce platform for you.

Reasons why BSMe2e is a Perfect Shopping Center


BSMe2e gives a platform to every ethical individual to establish their presence. You can already be a seller, or you may start your business from scratch. One of the main USPs of this platform is that we let you discover your talent on our TalentBook as a user and turn it into a revenue model by becoming a seller.

Here’s a snapshot of our TalentBook.

BSMe2e, the new age shopping center, provide digital spaces as a platform as a service where an individual can buy his/her shop space as per their business requirements. They can buy it for a day, week, month, or year. This kind of flexibility is not available in physical commercial spaces. Each digital store has a different kind of visibility in the search results and home page. Our e-commerce stores are available at different prices to suit everyone’s budget.

Our shop spaces include:

Market store

Standard store

Mega store

Large store

Booth store

Advertising rectangle

Advertising box

Sellers can sell a wide range of products and services across 110+ categories. The products/services you can sell on this platform are:

  • Simple products
  • Virtual/downloadable products
  • Bookable products
  • Affiliate products
  • Grouped products
  • Bundle products

What’s more?

Sellers can also advertise their brand logo, products, and services or inform potential customers about discounts/sales they offer. This new-age concept of advertising and selling under a single platform is designed to fulfill all your business needs.

The advertising can be done through all the e-commerce stores, but if you want a store only for advertisement purposes, then our advertisement slots (rectangle and box) would be the best bet.

Also, the subscription plans are super affordable and work on a recurring model. Sellers can cancel/upgrade the plans anytime.


BSMe2e is an ideal shopping center for customers because they get all kinds of products and services online under a unified platform. Be it appointment booking or purchasing subscriptions/e-books, customers can get access to all kinds of products and services from sellers across the globe.

In fact, we encourage our talented users as well as customers to experience this new era marketplace. As a user/customer, if you feel you have the potential to start your own venture, don’t stop! Come and register with us at https://www.bsme2e.com/. Come and experience the power of oneness!  

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