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how to make lies thread bangles at home Handmade | Handmade | 12200

Published By: User | Naseema Begum

User Location: Gadwal | Telangana | India

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Materials required 1_lies,2_bangles, silk thread_gree... Continue reading
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Materials required

1_lies,2_bangles, silk thread_green,kucku bead,s kuchu Needle, we want want to take it to bangles them and take a one life and attach them around after over arou around cut the lace after we want to take a thread 2 inches take a and cut to inch or according to the length you want take a thread any colour your choice start wrapping it around cardboard holder starting point till few folds you can do 80 or 100 fold or according to the thickness you what for tassel. Take a needle and thread cross the needle under the threads cross needle from the thread as a shown tightening the thread 🧵 from other side hold the thread ,tight cross the needle from thread loop (do not mess threads) both side and hold thread between silk thread ra little hard to hand but prectice makes man perfect you sew knotsto keep tha grip strong keep tha knotted area inside fold tha thread 🧵 around to complete tassel try to wrap it as heat, as you can sew the tassel criss sross to keep it in place cut tha thread equal press finish over the hanging and take a needle after we want to take a bits and attach the bangle complete the bangle beautiful ❤️😍 bangle is ready now👌🥰😍🧵


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