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The basic of silk ribbon embroidery | Handmade | 14281

Published By: User | Mehakk Sabera

User Location: Gadwal | Telangana | India

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Startind and stoping

Basics stiches

Ribbon embroidery is a type of embroidery that is self-explanatory. At its most basic level, it is stitching with ribbon.

However, this form of embroidery is so much more than that, especially when used to create stunning dimensional pieces.

It’s worth the time for stitchers to learn about this form of embroidery and how to work with silk

Ribbons and Supplies for EMBROIDERY:

It’s best to work ribbon embroidery with silk ribbons designed specifically for this type of work.

It is possible to embroider with synthetic ribbons, but it can be more difficult.


When choosing a needle for your ribbon embroidery, it’s most important to have a sharp point and a large eye. Chenille needles in sizes 18-22 work well.


Pretty much any fabric that you can get a needle and the ribbon through will work for this embroidery, however, most stitchers recommend working with natural fibers. If you are working with a synthetic ribbon, you may want to use a fabric with a more open weave.

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