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Online Talent Contest - Special Winners - Ward MilhemMilhem Family
Online Talent Contest - Special Winners - Ward Milhem
Milhem Family

Ward Milhem – Online Talent Contest- Special Winners | Art | 33893

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  • 33893
Welcome to this page! Meet Online Talent Contest- Special Winners - Ward Milhem - the youngest brother of Ibraheem and Kenan Milhem!  In a world where creativity knows no bounds, meet Ward Milhem – a remarkable 5-year-old who is redefining childhood on the BSMe2e platform.  With an insatiable cur... Continue reading
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Welcome to this page! Meet Online Talent Contest- Special Winners – Ward Milhem – the youngest brother of Ibraheem and Kenan Milhem

In a world where creativity knows no bounds, meet Ward Milhem – a remarkable 5-year-old who is redefining childhood on the BSMe2e platform.  With an insatiable curiosity, a vivid imagination, and a heart full of surprises, Ward stands as a beacon of intellect, artistic brilliance, and wonder. 

Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of Ward Milhem, where each day is an adventure filled with unique dress-ups, imaginative play, and profound questions. 

Ward’s Journey: A Testament to Boundless Potential

Ward’s journey on BSMe2e is a testament to the boundless potential within young minds.

At just 5 years old, he has already left an indelible mark with his diverse talents.

Clothing & Role Play

In the realm of clothing and role-play, Ward’s expression of creativity knows no bounds. His love for dressing up goes beyond mere play; it is a manifestation of his vibrant personality. Through this talent, Ward explores various roles and identities, using clothing as a means of self-expression. Whether it’s donning costumes from different cultures or creating entirely new personas, Ward’s unique approach to clothing and role-play showcases his imaginative spirit and a willingness to embrace diversity. He has been the Strange Costume Winner as well! 

Culture & Sports

Ward’s diverse interests extend to culture and sports (especially football), revealing a well-rounded individual. His curiosity about different cultures goes beyond superficial exploration; it involves a genuine engagement with traditions, customs, and the richness of human diversity. In the realm of sports, Ward is not just a spectator but an active participant, showcasing his dynamic spirit. This combination of cultural exploration and sports involvement demonstrates Ward’s holistic approach to personal growth and development.


Ward’s artistic talents shine through his drawings and paintings. What sets him apart is not just the act of creating art but the depth of expression and creativity embedded in each piece. At the age of 5, Ward’s art reflects an innate ability to communicate emotions, ideas, and perspectives. His artistic flair is not constrained by conventional boundaries, offering a glimpse into the boundless imagination of a young artist.


Ward’s recent accolade for exceptional Arabic reading underscores his commitment to linguistic excellence. The certificate celebrates not just his proficiency but also serves as a testament to his dedication to mastering the intricacies of the Arabic language. Each word he reads weaves a stronger connection to the rich tapestry of Arabic literature, showcasing his intellectual prowess at a young age.


Ward’s inventive spirit in the realm of technology and innovation is truly exceptional for a 5-year-old. His exploration of innovative ideas and technological concepts reveals an innate curiosity about the world around him. Ward’s foray into innovation goes beyond mere play; it reflects a genuine interest in understanding and experimenting with the principles that govern the technological landscape. He has taken part as a patient in a robotics competition alongside his brothers, which clearly shows that he has interest in innovation and technology. 

Online Talent Contest- Special Winners – Ward Milhem : A Glimpse Into His Achievements

Ward Milhem’s achievements at such a young age are nothing short of extraordinary, reflecting not only his innate talents but also the dedicated guidance he receives.

Outstanding Academic Performer

Ward’s academic performance goes above and beyond typical expectations for a child of his age. Excelling in studies, he showcases intellectual prowess that surpasses his years. Ward’s commitment to academic excellence sets the stage for a promising educational journey, laying a strong foundation for future accomplishments.

Swimming Prodigy

Ward’s prowess extends beyond the academic realm into the world of physical activities, with swimming being a notable example. Achieving Level 4 in swimming at his age is a testament to his dedication and zest for physical challenges. It goes beyond showcasing his physical prowess; it emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to development.

Quran Recitation

Ward’s journey is not confined to the realms of academics and physical activities; it also embraces spirituality. His ability to recite the Quran reflects a deep connection to his cultural and spiritual roots. Ward’s proficiency in Quranic recitation adds a layer of cultural richness to his multifaceted journey.

Join Ward’s Journey

Step into Ward’s world of wonder on BSMe2e! Be inspired by his creativity, curiosity, and the joy he brings to every endeavor. Witness the magic unfold as Ward continues to surprise and captivate with his talents. Connect with Ward on Facebook.

Join us in celebrating Ward’s unique talents and be part of the BSMe2e Talent Revolution! Explore the platform and witness the magic of young minds at play.

Why We Chose Him as the Special Winner?

Ward Milhem was selected as the special winner in recognition of his extraordinary talents and achievements at the age of 5. His multifaceted creativity, spanning clothing, role-play, art, literature, and technology, showcased a depth of intellect and imagination beyond his years. Ward’s holistic development, combined with academic excellence, physical prowess, and a rich cultural and spiritual understanding, set him apart. The selection committee was captivated by Ward’s ability to navigate diverse domains. His achievements, nurtured in a supportive environment, made Ward a standout choice for the special winner.

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