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Online Talent Contest Stats – Yr2023 and Yr2024 Kickoff | Guide | 35380

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Welcome to the intersection of talent, innovation, and global recognition at BSMe2e! As we bid farewell to the spectacular Year23 and embrace the promise of Year24, we're thrilled to share the highlights, performance stats, and the exciting journey that lies ahead. In this blog, we will check out the online talent contest stats for the year 2023 and look forward to what's waiting for you in 2024! ... Continue reading
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Welcome to the intersection of talent, innovation, and global recognition at BSMe2e! As we bid farewell to the spectacular Year23 and embrace the promise of Year24, we’re thrilled to share the highlights, performance stats, and the exciting journey that lies ahead. In this blog, we will check out the online talent contest stats for the year 2023 and look forward to what’s waiting for you in 2024!

In a competitive landscape, BSMe2e Online Talent Contest has not only participated but has risen to the forefront, ranking on Google’s page 1 — a testament to the quality and caliber of participants.

Embark on a journey through the figures and insights that define the thriving landscape of global online talent contests.

Year23 Global Online Talent Contest Stats: A Phenomenal Recap

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, BSMe2e took center stage with the Year23 Global Online Talent Contest. Hailing participants from 114 countries, the platform became a global canvas for talents to showcase their brilliance. The winners, including the Milhem Family and exceptional individuals like Riya Tilwani, Benjamin Bulus, and Deepali Tilwani, exemplified the diverse spectrum of talent that defines BSMe2e.

From National Geographic award winners to emerging artists, our platform became a melting pot of creativity and innovation. The Milhem Family, guided by the incredible Mazda Zhumi, brought a unique family dynamic to the contest, proving that talent runs deep in their roots. Hats off to our 12 surprise winners who added an extra layer of excitement and creativity to the mix.

Performance Stats that Speak Volumes:

  • 🌍 Global participation from 114 countries.
  • 👥 1250 registrations and 100+ active participants.
  • 📈 Social media reach soared with ~2.98M on Facebook and ~5.58M on Instagram in December ’23.
  • 🔍 BSMe2e Online Talent Contest ranked on Page1 of Google
  • 🔥 Organic follower growth on Facebook from 97 to 10K, Instagram from 400 to 6.7K, and Twitter from 3 to 3.1K.
  • 🎤 Top Performers: Riya/Benjamin Posts: 52K+ Likes/Engagement on Instagram
  • 🏆 Special Winners – Milhem family each of the 4 posts: 38K+ Likes/Engagement
  • 🌟 Winners Collage: 6.3K Likes/Engagement
  • 🌐 Overall Meta Posts Engagement: 28.3K Interactions.

Year23 Winners: The Pinnacle of Talent

Year23 witnessed not just winners but trailblazers. The Milhem Family, guided by Mazda Zhumi, stood out alongside Premium, Gold, and Silver winners. The winners received not just accolades but also tangible benefits, marking the beginning of their Phase2 journey.

Celebrating our Champions:
🥇 Premium Package Winner: Riya – 💰 $1000 Cash + Premium Membership + Exclusive Benefits
🥈 Gold Package Winner: Benjamin – 💰 $500 Cash + Gold Membership + Exclusive Benefits
🥉 Silver Package Winner: Deepali -💰 $250 Voucher + Silver Membership + Exclusive Benefits
🏆 Special Winners: Milhem Family – Trophies & Medals + VIP featured store for Ibrahim, Kenan & Ward + BSMe2e Mega Store for family + Exclusive Benefits
🎁Surprise Winners: 12 talented individuals surprised the audience – Each of them received $40 cash/voucher + BSMe2e eStore Coupons + Exclusive Benefits to kick start monetizing passion journey.

🚀 What’s Next for the Yr23 winners?

  • 🎤 Phase2: Sellers Grand Contest: 💰 $5000 Cash Prize! This is the stepping stone for our winners to showcase their selling strategies and skills, marking the beginning of a monetizing journey
  • 🌐 Phase3: Global Agentship Partners Program: 💼 Unlock Unlimited Earning Potential! a gateway to unlimited earning potential, solidifying our commitment to nurturing and empowering global talent.

Year24 Global Online Talent Contest: Register Now & Kickstart the Journey

As we turn the page to Year24, the excitement intensifies! The Year24 Global Online Talent Contest promises to be even more monumental. It’s not just a contest; it’s a global stage where talents converge to captivate the world.

Are you a budding talent seeking exposure? Join BSMe2e and showcase your talent to thousands. The benefits extend beyond cash prizes; it’s about unlocking doors to fans, viewers, exciting opportunities, and potential partnerships if you can sell. Monetize your artwork and talents to open up a world of possibilities for growth and success.

BSMe2e’s Revolutionary Platform: Your Gateway to Success. The allure extends beyond recognition.

Phase2 Kickstart: Monetize Your Passion

For the Year23 winners, Phase2 is a gateway to monetizing their passion. The Sellers Grand Contest awaits, offering a substantial cash prize of $5000. It’s not just about showcasing talent; it’s about demonstrating selling strategies and skills, marking the beginning of a transformative journey.

Join the Year24 Global Online Talent Contest!

Are you ready to be part of this global phenomenon? Year24 beckons, inviting talents from every corner of the globe to shine on the BSMe2e stage. Register, showcase your talent, and set the stage for your journey to success.

Embrace the journey, celebrate the talent, and witness the unfolding of brilliance at BSMe2e. Join us as we embark on another year of creativity, innovation, and global recognition. The stage is set — are you ready to make your mark?

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