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Digital Talent Show: Unleash Your Creativity & win $1,000 | 20141

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  • 20141
Get Ready for the BSME2E Global digital talent show 2023! Want to showcase your skills, learn from others, and possibly win big? We're excited to announce our first-ever BSME2E global online contest - a global talent showcase and a virtual talent hunt competition that'll fetch you amazing prizes and rewards. Our aim is to bring together a community of talented indi... Continue reading
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Get Ready for the BSME2E Global digital talent show 2023!

Want to showcase your skills, learn from others, and possibly win big? We’re excited to announce our first-ever BSME2E global online contest – a global talent showcase and a virtual talent hunt competition that’ll fetch you amazing prizes and rewards.

Our aim is to bring together a community of talented individuals who are passionate about learning and sharing their skills. The goal is to provide a talent marketplace to help people showcase their abilities and gain recognition for their achievements. In short, we are trying to build a digital skills-sharing hub where you can get ample opportunities to share talent and also learn from the brightest minds.

Winners of the Digital Talent Show

The Global digital talent show contest features a generous prize structure with several exciting prizes, including monthly surprise gifts, cash rewards of up to $1000, membership rewards, and even a luxury holiday trip to Dubai for 2N/3D.

All of this, in addition to recognition on our skills sharing platform and opportunities to showcase your work.

A panel of experienced professionals in each category will evaluate the entries based on creativity, originality, and impact. The judges will be looking for entries that demonstrate exceptional skill and demonstrate the potential to make a positive impact in the world. The overall quality and presentation can make a significant impact on your chances of winning.

Categories & Eligibility for Winning Digital Talent Show of 2023

The contest is open to individuals of age 18+ from all over the world who are passionate about learning and sharing their skills. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out, everyone is welcome to participate.

Our talent marketplace has over 110+ categories, including Art & Design, Music & Performance, Writing & Literature, Technology & Innovation, and more. Whatever field your talent lies in, show it off and get a chance to win big.

To qualify for premium membership, it is required that you create a total of 100 talent posts per year, which averages out to 10 talent posts per month or 2 talent posts per week. For gold membership, you will need to create a total of 50 posts per year, which translates to 5 talent posts per month or 1 talent post per week. To achieve silver membership, you must create at least 25 talent posts per year, averaging out to 3 talent posts per month or 1 talent post every 2 weeks.

Just follow these 2 easy steps to know where you stand in the digital talent show.

Step 1: Click on the navigation bar >> choose Stats >> Click on “User Stats.”

Step 2: You will be redirected to this page.

As you can see, you can view your name, your location, and the total count of posts.

Please note: Kindly note that meeting the minimum post requirements mentioned above only qualifies you to participate in the competition. However, please be informed that your evaluation will be based on your creativity and skills, including the scope and depth of your creative abilities in different categories.

How Can You Join this Online Talent Challenge?

The rules for participating in this digital talent show are very simple and straightforward. Participants must submit their entries by the deadline, and all entries must be original works created by the participant.

You must be registered as an active user on BSME2E skills sharing platform. To have a chance at winning the premium prize package, you must make over 100 talent posts in a year, at an average of 10 posts per month. Make as many as you can to improve your chances!

The winners of our competition will be announced in November/December 2023.

Participation Fees

Nope! There are no participation fees or hidden expenses involved in our competition. All you need to do is register yourself as a user, and you can begin uploading.

Set Yourself Apart & Stand Out To The Judges in this Virtual Talent Hunt

To set yourself apart from other participants and make a lasting impression on the judges, consider the following tips:

  1. Read and understand the criteria for evaluation: Know what the judges are looking for and tailor your entry accordingly. Refer to the below table.
  2. Be original and creative: Showcase your unique skills and bring your own personal touch to the entry.
  3. Pay attention to presentation and quality: Ensure your entry is well-presented, visually appealing, and of high quality.
  4. Show the impact of your work: Demonstrate how your entry will have a positive impact and make a difference.
  5. Tell a compelling story: Provide context and background information to make your entry more relatable and memorable.
  6. Be confident and proud of your work: Show the judges that you believe in your entry and are proud of your work.
  7. Follow the guidelines and rules: Ensure your entry complies with all the guidelines and rules of the contest.

Make Your Skills Count in this Global Talent Showcase Competition

Sit down for a moment, and think to yourself – What’s your talent? What are you so good at that it could turn profitable?

Painting? Maybe you could sell your art to an interested collector.

Fishing? Maybe you could provide online classes teaching people to fish.

Jewelry making? Cooking? Teaching dance? The possibilities are truly endless.

With BSME2E’s Talentbook, you now have a forum to show exactly how good you are at what you do best. So, take a deep breath and embrace the challenge! Show the world what you’re capable of and let us be your platform to shine. Whether you’re a professional or just starting out, this is your opportunity to share your skills and talents with others. You never know, participating in the Global Talent Competition could lead to new opportunities and a profitable future for you.

Recognition for Participants and Winners

Regularly uploading posts to our forum will ensure you’re constantly in the eyes of potential customers. However, we have much more lucrative promotions for the top # winners of our competition.

For the winner, BSME2E will promote their posts through our own forum at an average of 10 posts every month. Alongside this will be a Premium membership of BSME2E worth $6000, with the ability to add unlimited products and articles for 1 full year! Alongside this, of course, there is a $1000 cash prize or Amazon Coupon, or a 2-nights/3-days trip to Dubai!

How Will this Global Talent Showcase Help your Career?

Participating in a skill-sharing contest can lead to numerous long-term career or business opportunities, such as:

  1. Networking: The contest provides an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and make new connections.
  2. Exposure: A successful entry can lead to increased exposure and recognition in your field, helping you build a personal brand.
  3. Skill development: Participating in the contest can help you improve your skills and learn new techniques.
  4. Confidence boost: Winning or even being recognized as a finalist can give you a confidence boost and help you establish credibility.
  5. New clients or customers: A strong showing in the contest can attract new clients or customers to your business.
  6. Career advancement: Success in the contest can lead to new job opportunities or advancement in your current role.

Terms & Conditions for Participating in this Digital Talent Show

Looking to win? Make sure to comply with all our platform guidelines when creating and sharing posts. Please do not upload any content, including images, videos, or text, that violates any property rights, trademarks, copyrights, or any rights belonging to third parties. Click here for a list of prohibited items and topics.

The participants retain ownership of their entries, and we will only use them for the purposes of the contest and to showcase the winning entries.

In the unlikely event of a dispute, our team will work to resolve the issue fairly and in a timely manner.

Participants will have access to support through our online community and may also receive mentorship and coaching opportunities during the contest. Feel free to contact us with any queries.

Why Choose BSME2E?

Participating in our one-of-a-kind Global Talent Competition can open up for you a literal world of opportunities.

  • 100+ Categories for the talent showcase
  • Show Talent from Anywhere, Show Talent in Creative Ways, Craft Blogs, Vlogs & More
  • Get discovered, Show Your Skills, Boost your engagement, and compete for grand prizes
  • Win Monthly Surprise Gifts
  • Inspire users to showcase their imaginative side
  • Promote friendly competition among participants
  • Win enticing rewards and prizes. Free marketing for winners across BSMe2e social channels. Your Chance to Shine, and rise to fame!
  • New Era Social eCommerce platform, Seize the chance to turn your enthusiasm into profits.
  • You could be a User, a Seller, an advertiser, an agent/have a franchise

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to showcase your skills and win big in BSME2E’s Global Talent Competition 2023! Who knows, you could be the next big thing in your industry. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

Digital Talent Show: A Synopsis

FREE BENEFITS FOR THE TOP 3 WINNERSPremium Package WinnerGold Package WinnerSilver Package Winner
Eligibility Criteria for entry into
Premium/Gold/Silver winner packages

Talent Showcase (through BSMe2e Posts)
100 talent posts/Yr
avg 10 talent posts/month
avg 2 talent posts/week
50 talent posts/Yr
avg 5 talent posts/month
avg 1 talent posts/week
25 talent posts/Yr
avg 3 talent posts/month
avg 1 talent posts/in 2 weeks
Cash Reward OR
Amazon Shopping Coupon OR
2N/3D Trip to Dubai*
Monthly Surprise Gifts eligibilityYesYesYes
Free 1Yr BSMe2e Membership$6000 (Premium Membership)$1500 (Gold Membership)$100 (Silver Membership)
Free Winner Coupon to purchase available BSMe2e.com Store of Choice across any category,Free AD Rectangle Space/1Yr

Free AD Box Space/Yr

Free AD Box Space / 6 months

Add ProductsUnlimited/1 Yr10000500
Add ArticlesUnlimited/1 Yr500100
Space Limit1TB/1Yr1GB512MB
Manage Self Mktg Coupons on BSMe2e.comYesYesYes
Monthly once Mktg on BSMe2e social platformsYesYesYes
Monthly display of selected top posts/branding in our featured space section of the Homepage/key pagesYesYesYes

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