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BSMe2e Global Online Talent Contest | 20142

Published By: Admin | Support Team

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  • 20142
Heard of the global online talent contest organized by the new-age marketplace – BSMe2e? It’s a new contest that’ll provide a space for talented individuals to showcase their skills and talent. So, are you ready to show your talent on a global stage? Then you would definitely not want to miss out on this contest! After all, this is the right time to show the wo... Continue reading
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Heard of the global online talent contest organized by the new-age marketplace – BSMe2e?

It’s a new contest that’ll provide a space for talented individuals to showcase their skills and talent.

So, are you ready to show your talent on a global stage? Then you would definitely not want to miss out on this contest! After all, this is the right time to show the world what you’re capable of and earn the chance to win exciting rewards and surprise gifts.

With over 110+ categories to choose from, this contest offers something for every participant. Whether you are a painter, scientist, fashion designer, writer, or anything in between, there’s a category that you can choose from.

So, the time has come to put your talent to the test and see how the world perceives you. See where you rank among the other talented individuals across the world.

By all means, do not miss out on this opportunity, as you get a platform to show your talent and build strong connections in the process. Collaborations are important to succeed in the future, and this platform will let you enjoy every bit of it.

So, how can you participate? Please refer to the FAQs – Question 4 to get the answer.

Key Links

[Registration], [Categories to show talent], [User Manuals], [TalentBook], [User Stats], [Contest details & FAQs], [Winners’ Blogs & Tips], [Testimonial1, 2], [Standard FAQs]

Criteria for Winning Digital Talent Show in 2024

Please go through the table below to know the criteria for winning this contest. We will choose the top three winners for this contest.

FREE BENEFITS FOR THE TOP 3 WINNERSPremium Package WinnerGold Package WinnerSilver Package Winner
Eligibility Criteria for entry into
Premium/Gold/Silver winner packages

Talent Showcase (through BSMe2e Posts)
100 talent posts/Yr
avg 10 talent posts/month
avg 2 talent posts/week
50 talent posts/Yr
avg 5 talent posts/month
avg 1 talent posts/week
25 talent posts/Yr
avg 3 talent posts/month
avg 1 talent posts/in 2 weeks
Cash Reward OR
Amazon Shopping Coupon OR
2N/3D Trip to Dubai*
Monthly Surprise Gifts eligibilityYesYesYes
Free 1Yr BSMe2e Membership$6000 (Premium Membership)$1500 (Gold Membership)$100 (Silver Membership)
Free Winner Coupon to purchase available BSMe2e.com Store of Choice across any category,Free AD Rectangle Space/1Yr

Free AD Box Space/Yr

Free AD Box Space / 6 months

Add ProductsUnlimited/1 Yr10000500
Add ArticlesUnlimited/1 Yr500100
Space Limit1TB/1Yr1GB512MB
Manage Self Mktg Coupons on BSMe2e.comYesYesYes
Monthly once Mktg on BSMe2e social platformsYesYesYes
Monthly display of selected top posts/branding in our featured space section of the Homepage/key pagesYesYesYes

How to Qualify to be in the Winner’s Circle?

  1. Premium Tier:
    • Elevate your presence to the pinnacle of the Winner’s Circle with the Premium Tier. Qualify by sharing your talents through an impressive 100 talent posts annually, maintaining a consistent flow with 10 posts each month, and showcasing your skills twice a week. As a Premium member, you enjoy top-tier recognition and exclusive benefits.
  2. Gold Tier:
    • Secure your place in the prestigious Gold Tier by making 50 talent posts per year. Maintain a steady presence with 5 posts each month, showcasing your abilities weekly. As a Gold member, you receive heightened visibility and access to special privileges, all earned through your consistent contributions.
  3. Silver Tier:
    • The Silver Tier welcomes those who passionately share their talents. Qualify by creating 25 talent posts per year, maintaining a regular rhythm of 3 posts each month, and displaying your skills every two weeks. As a Silver member, you join a community of dedicated contributors and receive recognition for your valuable contributions to the Winner’s Circle.

General Conditions for Participating in BSMe2e Global Talent Showcase Competition

  • Individuals who are 18+ or older are eligible for participation. However, if you are below this age, you need to have a guardian who can represent you. We have the Milhem brothers who are below 18 years but it’s their mother who is representing all the three brothers.
  • Participants have to be registered users of the BSMe2e platform.
  • Registration as a user is absolutely free and does not require the purchase of goods and services
  • Participants who meet all the eligibility criteria will get the chance to win prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions on BSMe2e Digital Talent Show

1. What is BSMe2e’s Global Talent Competition?

BSMe2e organizes a contest on global talent competition where we encourage all participants across nations to showcase their skills across various categories. Mainly, the goal of this contest is to:

  • Help build your talent profile
  • Create your identity on the global stage
  • Encourage users to bring out their creativity
  • Get an opportunity to turn your passion into profits

2. Can I participate in the BSMe2e virtual talent hunt?

Yes, you can participate in the BSMe2e competition and get the chance to win exciting gifts, provided you are 18 years or above and adhere to our contest policies. Also, if you have talent in one of our 110+ categories, you are eligible to participate. Moreover, the competition is open for all, irrespective of case, gender, religion, or background.

3. What’s unique about BSMe2e online talent contest?

Because it is the ultimate destination for showcasing your skills and talents to the world. Whether you are a singer, a dancer, a writer, a coder, or anything else, you can find a category that suits you on BSMe2e.com.

The BSMe2e Global Online Talent Contest is segmented into three distinct stages:

  1. Phase 1: Talent Showcase & Build Identity
    • Participants showcase their talents and actively engage in talent contests.
    • Qualify for monthly surprise gifts.
    • Top three winners of the Global Talent Contest receive cash prizes and premium membership packages.
  2. Phase 2: Monetize Passion – Seller Journey
    • Participants embark on a Seller Journey to kickstart their online stores.
    • Opportunity to generate revenue.
    • Winners of the Seller Contest stand a chance to win a $5000 cash prize and other rewards.
  3. Phase 3: Enrollment into Global Agentship Partners Program
    • Certified professionals gain entry into the Global Agentship Partners Program.
    • Access to longer-term contracts and unlimited earning opportunities.
    • Selected winners from previous phases progress to this stage, maximizing their potential and opening doors to significant opportunities.

4. How to participate in BSMe2e’s online talent challenge?

Registration: The process is very easy. You must register as a user on BSMe2e and be an active contributor.

Talent Showcase: Express skills limitlessly – blogs, vlogs, images. Explore TalentBook.

Choose from the categories: You have 100+ categories to choose from such as art, accessories, music, handmade, beauty and personal care, and much more!

Real-time tracking on User Stats. Are you leading the talent board?

Inspiration Awaits: Visit Our Blogs & BSMe2e Users Social Marketplace.

Monthly Surprises: Win cash rewards, gifts, eStore coupons!

Final rewards: Aim for Premium, Gold, or Silver Packages with rewards like $1000 cash, Dubai trips, and memberships.

Explore the profiles of previous winners from Year 23, including Riya, Benjamin, Deepali, 12 Surprise winners. Check out their achievements and experiences.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this vibrant network and potentially secure a spot among the celebrated talents. Register, strengthen, and shine!

Important note: Please refrain from uploading any materials—such as images, videos, or texts—that violate property rights, trademarks, copyrights, or other third-party rights.

5. Does BSMe2e global competition have any restrictions?

Of course! You must adhere to all our platform policies while creating and sharing posts. Make sure you do not upload any materials – images, videos, or texts that infringe any property rights, trademarks, copyrights, or other third parties. Here is the prohibited list of items.

6. In what categories can I create posts for this competition?

You can create posts across multiple categories such as art, food, handmade creativity, recipes, ski, science, and more. View the category list here.

Other Questions Related to Virtual Talent Discovery Contest

7. When will the yearly awards be announced?

The name of the winners will be declared in November/December 2024.

Visit Yr23 winner posts: Riya, Benjamin, Deepali, 12 Surprise winners

8. What gifts will i win if I win this contest?

Winning this competition offers exciting rewards. Monthly surprises include cash rewards, gifts, and eStore coupons. Aspire for prestigious final rewards like Premium, Gold, or Silver Packages, featuring enticing prizes such as $1000 in cash, unforgettable trips to Dubai, and exclusive memberships. These incentives not only recognize your achievements but also provide tangible and memorable experiences. Seize the opportunity to elevate your accomplishments with a range of valuable gifts and privileges, making your victory in the competition truly rewarding and memorable.

9. How will judges choose the winner of this virtual talent discovery contest?

The BSMe2e judges/organizers will look for your passion that showcases a high level of skills and talent. Make sure you bring out your A-game because they want to test your potential depth.

10. What if two or more candidates achieve the same winning criteria? How will the winner then be decided?

In the event of a tie where two or more candidates meet the same winning criteria, the winner will be decided by the judges based on the depth of creativity demonstrated in their submissions. Judges will carefully assess the innovative aspects, uniqueness, and depth of thought presented by the candidates. This ensures a fair and thorough evaluation, allowing the most creatively impactful participant to be rightfully recognized as the ultimate winner. In cases of parity, the emphasis on creativity serves as a decisive factor, ensuring that the competition’s outcome reflects both adherence to criteria and a distinct level of imaginative prowess.

11. What rules need to be followed to participate in this contest?

Make sure you are fair with your game. Do not copy-paste any kind of work from third-party sources. Follow the game’s guidelines and know the restrictions on the type of content you can publish.

12. What criteria will be used to judge each post?

The organizers will evaluate you on the basis of the following:

  • Passion and dedication
  • Originality
  • Depth of skills
  • Overall impact

At BSMe2e, we ensure you that all the judgments will be taken neutrally and we will ensure that each participant is evaluated fairly, so you can stay assured that the deserving candidates will win their prizes.

Please read how we chose the exceptional winners of the talent contest year 2023:

  1. Ibraheem Milhem
  2. Kenan Milhem
  3. Ward Milhem

13. Who will own the rights to the posts and how they will be used?

The BSMe2e organizers will have the right to use and showcase your work for promotional and marketing purposes. However, you will legally remain the owner and have the right to your own work.

14. How to show talent?

Step 1: Registration: The process is very easy. You must register as a user on BSMe2e and be an active contributor.

Step 2: Fill up your details. Give a strong password. Click on Register. 

Once you Register, you will be redirected to this page as shown below:

Step 3: Go to Profile and set up your details. Sample Talent profiles for you to check: Ibraheem,Riya,Deepali,Benjamin,Amdad,Aynee

Make sure you add as many social media channel links as possible. This will improve your visibility across all social media platforms. 

Step 4: Now once you’ve set up your profile, go to “Show Talent”. Express skills limitlessly – blogs, vlogs, images.Explore TalentBook.

Fill up your basic data. This data is about the talent you plan to show. Add the right category and provide tags for better visibility. Tags are important because they help users discover content easily on social media platforms. They categorize posts and improve visibility. To find the right tags, think about keywords related to your content and consider popular trends. Research similar posts and observe which tags they use for guidance.

Now once you’re ready with the content, you get the option to show your talent through images and embedded videos. Please check the screenshots below how you can add images and embed YouTube links.

You can add one featured image + up to 3 images for each post. If you want to retain the image quality, we suggest you add Webp images. Or, you can add JPEG files. 

Step 5: Click on Submit. 

Here’s how your post will look like:

15. How to embed my YouTube Talent videos?

If you have your YouTube channel and wish to show your talent on BSMe2e, you need to embed your links. Here’s how you can do it. Please refer to the images below. 

Paste this link over here. Check the image below.

16. What is the difference between featured image and gallery image?

In a platform or website, a “featured image” serves as the primary visual representation of a piece of content.

“Gallery images” provide supplementary visuals in a collection or slideshow format.

17. What’s Focus keyword? What’s SEO title and description? Why is it needed?

The focus keyword is a term or phrase that represents the main topic or theme of a piece of content. It is used in search engine optimization (SEO) to optimize content for better visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

An SEO title, also known as a meta title, is the title of a webpage that appears as the clickable headline in search engine results. It should accurately summarize the content of the page and include the focus keyword to improve search engine ranking.

An SEO description, also called a meta description, is a brief summary of the content found on a webpage. It appears below the SEO title in search engine results and provides users with a preview of what they can expect if they click on the link. Like the SEO title, it should contain the focus keyword and entice users to click through to the webpage.

These elements are essential for SEO because they help search engines understand the content of a webpage and determine its relevance to a user’s search query. By including the focus keyword in the SEO title and description, it signals to search engines that the content is relevant to specific search terms, increasing the likelihood of the webpage ranking higher in search results. Additionally, compelling and accurately optimized titles and descriptions can attract more clicks from users, driving traffic to the website.

18. How to view published posts?

Go to Account, then click on “Your Talent Posts” , choose the post and click on “View”.

Or, you may visit TalentBook and find all the published posts.

19. Can I switch my published blog to draft mode?

Yes, anytime. Just edit your post, change the status from public to draft and click on save.

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